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A good electric toothbrush has soft Dupont bristles

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Regular toothbrushes can breed a lot of bacteria between our teeth before they can be cleaned, which can lead to cavities or dental stones. It's important to have a good electric toothbrush! The top bristles have been specially tailored to fit our teeth better than normal flat bristles, so they clean the gaps between our teeth. When you brush your teeth, you can not only go deep into the gaps between the teeth and the inside of the mouth, but also won't hurt the gums.


A good electric toothbrush has soft Dupont bristles, which don't irritate the gums. The brush head also has a built-in pressure sensor that will emit a pulse sound to alert you if you push too hard, which is nice. Why can electric toothbrushes improve these problems?


1. Electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute timing function, which allows you to control the time of brushing your teeth. Once the time is up, it will stop working and remind you to change the brushing area.


Our teeth are generally divided into four areas according to the upper, lower, left and right. The toothbrush makes a beep every 30 seconds that tells you to change your brushing area.


This will prevent you from missing or over cleaning, which is super sweet and a real boon for lazy people. In fact, As I've emphasized many times, manual and electric toothbrushes are best without that. However, if you are really lazy sometimes and don't want to brush your teeth, I suggest you use an electric toothbrush. People use tools step by step to overcome their own weaknesses. They invented cars because they don't want to walk, and they invented instant noodles because they don't want to go out to eat.


2. The electric toothbrush bristles vibrate at a high frequency. After using the electric toothbrush, I can brush according to the regular reminder for 3-5 minutes each time and no longer flush. And the speed of the electric toothbrush is mostly in 20,000-40,000 RPM /min, the light frequency is how many times the manual, roughly equivalent to the number of times you brush manually for a month


3. Thanks to the high-frequency vibration of the electric sonic toothbrush, there will be a flow of cleaning force during brushing, which will make the water rush into the middle of the teeth and take away the residue. Sonic Toothbrush, which uses high intensity vibrations to foamy the toothpaste and allow water to clean gaps in the teeth, promoting and speeding up the division of impurities in the mouth. This toothbrush is also suitable for porcelain teeth, orthodontists, fillers, and people who have crowns on their teeth treated with root canals. If you want to have beautiful teeth, whether you use a manual or an sonic electric toothbrush, it is important to develop proper brushing habits.

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