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A lot of people say that electric toothbrushes damage tooth enamel. Is that true?

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However, we must pay attention to the selection of electric frequency, so as not to make the teeth feel pain, vibration is appropriate. 1. Install the brush head first. The direction of the bristles and the direction of the switch button must be consistent. 2. In addition, before brushing, we must pay attention to the use of warm water to soak the head of the electric toothbrush, and then adjust the softness of the bristles, and then squeeze moderate toothpaste into the electric toothbrush. 3. At present, many electric toothbrush have various cleaning modes. Before brushing, choose the right mode and then put the brush head into the mouth and start the toothbrush, so as to avoid the toothpaste flying everywhere at the beginning. 4. Put the head of the electric toothbrush in your mouth first, then turn on the electric switch! Most electric toothbrushes have a two-minute timer and a 30-second prompt, which we'll come back to in a moment. First, we divide the teeth into four areas and brush the A area first. 5. Clean the toothbrush after brushing your teeth, turn off the electric toothbrush switch first, then take the toothbrush out of your mouth, rinse the toothbrush head with water. How long an electric toothbrush battery lasts, and how long an electric toothbrush will last, depends largely on the battery life of the toothbrush, which is the capacity of the battery. The inside of an electric toothbrush is sealed, and the circuit board and vibration motor usually don't break. The battery is often the first thing to go wrong. Electric toothbrushes come in two ways: plugged in or powered by batteries. Generally speaking, the middle and low-end electric toothbrush mostly use batteries, which can drive the brush head rotation with small dynamic voltage and limited vibration ability.

Electric toothbrushes operate by electricity, which makes them different from ordinary toothbrushes. These days, they're all rechargeable electric toothbrush, and it's impossible to plug and use them at the same time, so the longer the battery life, the better! How long an electric toothbrush can last depends on the capacity of the internal battery.

It is best to buy an ultrasonic electric toothbrush with lithium batteries. The capacity should be at least 2000 mah or more. Try to choose an electric toothbrush with a long battery life, ranging from 7 to 100 days for different products. Therefore, electric toothbrush manufacturers generally make two or more times of money, so in order to greater interests, many manufacturers in the first package, basically only put one, at most two brush heads, to ensure secondary consumption.

Brush head has been mentioned before. Generally speaking, the roundness rate of electric toothbrush brush head costing tens of yuan is very low, and the bristles bifurcate seriously. This brush head will cause great damage to the teeth and gums. In addition, because the cost of electric toothbrush is saved by tens of yuan, the brush head is generally poor, the bristles are rough, and the roundness rate is low. It is normal that I even take a magnifying glass to see the roundness rate of the bristles, which really can not be compared with hundreds of electric toothbrush, which is too bad.