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About the use of Water Flosser experience:

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A Water Flosser can be very effective in controlling bleeding gums, but only if you don't have very stubborn stones that have formed. If there is already a large stone has formed, or to go to the first dental cleaning, and then use a Water Flosser to maintain daily oral hygiene, to prevent the accumulation of dental stones.


When used, stick to the tooth surface, do not use against the glasses, in fact, the power is quite large.


For the teeth adjacent to the cleaning in addition to Water Flosser, dental flush and interdental brush, because the interdental brush is generally suitable for people with periodontal disease, so do not do a detailed introduction, understanding is good, generally will not test.


For most people, daily care with Water Flosser and a toothbrush will suffice. From now on, clean your teeth twice a day for no more than 10 minutes. Two minutes of brushing and two minutes of using Water Flosser in the morning and evening will ensure that you can use your original teeth for a lifetime of food!


Points needing attention in the use of Water Flosser:


Do your homework first, then press the switch button to avoid the spray of water on the skin and eyes;


Water should flow perpendicular to the tooth or gums;


Do not press the teeth or gums too hard to avoid damage to the gums.


Do not spray into a periodontal pocket unless your model is designed to clean the pocket or has a nozzle for the pocket.


Press the "Mode" button to select the MODE.


For the first time, use "SOFT" mode for about a week, and then use normal mode after getting used to it.


Or people with sensitive teeth can choose this mode.


Let's talk about the situation of red, swollen and bleeding gums after using the tooth flusher.


One, this may be caused by improper operation. You can adjust the way you use the Water Flosser first to see if there is any improvement.


Two, they may have gum inflammation and other oral inflammation. You can try to use it in a gentle mode for two or three days to see if the bleeding will slowly disappear; If the situation continues, it is equal to prompt you to go to the regular oral hospital to do dental examination.


Third, not everyone can use the Water Flosser. The instructions say people with periodontal disease or who have had oral surgery in the last two months should consult a doctor before using a Water Flosser.