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Advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush

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Advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush


sonic toothbrush  are a good product for efficiently cleaning the mouth, but in recent years, the problems it has caused are not uncommon, such as bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, gum retreat, etc., which has also made many people doubt it. Is an toothbrushes electric good or bad? In fact, toothbrushes electric have advantages and disadvantages. As an oral health blogger, today I'm going to give you a comprehensive look at electric tooth brush. Be sure to read it carefully!


Above is the style of electric tooth brush that I have reviewed in detail


1. Five benefits of sonic electric toothbrush
It is very important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of sonic electric toothbrush, which can help us better play the role of kids electric toothbrush in oral care. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of kids electric toothbrush? Let's talk about the benefits of electronic toothbrush first.


We know that most dentists recommend that everyone use an electronic toothbrush. This is because Chinese people have poor oral health, with a dental health rate of less than 1% (as shown in the chart below). In other words, almost everyone has oral problems. However, traditional cleaning tools such as manual toothbrushes cannot adapt to the complex oral environment of Chinese people, so dentists recommend you to use an electric toothbrush manufacturer because it is much better than manual toothbrushes.

The benefits of electric toothbrush manufacturer mainly include the following aspects:


Advantage 1: electric toothbrush factory has super cleaning power, can prevent and improve dental diseases


The cleaning power of electric toothbrush factory is dozens of times that of manual toothbrushes. For areas with high incidence of dental diseases such as interdental, root and back of teeth, sonic toothbrush manufacturer can clean and completely remove dental plaque in the mouth, so as to prevent and improve the effect of dental disease.


Bonus # 2: Save time and effort


sonic toothbrush manufacturer can completely clean the mouth in just two or three minutes, saving time and effort, while manual toothbrushes take more than ten minutes to clean teeth.
Benefit three: Can whiten teeth, remove bad breath


The sonic toothbrush factory can clean the stubborn stains deposited on the outer layer of the teeth, slow down the formation of tartar, and also comprehensively clean the dental plaque and food debris in the mouth to avoid the production of bad breath, so as to remove bad breath and whiten the teeth.


Bonus # 4: Perfect for people with braces


While cleaning the teeth, the sonic toothbrush factory can also massage the gums to help the soft tissues of the gums recover themselves. It is perfect for friends with braces. It can help everyone reduce the heavy pressure that braces put on their gums and prevent gum recession.

Advantage five: electric toothbrush wholesale cleaning power is accurate and controllable


Manual toothbrushes rely entirely on themselves to control the Angle and force of brushing. The incisor area that is easy to clean is too strong, which is easy to cause excessive wear on the teeth, and the wisdom teeth that are difficult to clean and the inside of the teeth are difficult to force, which is easy to clean dead corners. The vibration frequency of the professional electric toothbrush wholesale is stable and accurate, which can clean the blind spots in the mouth and avoid excessive brush force causing damage to the teeth.


2. A detailed description of the three disadvantages of sonic toothbrush wholesale

We've covered the benefits of sonic toothbrush wholesale in detail. In fact, electric toothbrush agency have advantages and disadvantages. So what's the downside? The answer is also very simple, that is, if you use an unprofessional electric toothbrush agency, it is easy to cause tooth damage.


The level of oral health of Chinese people is very low. Dental patients account for more than 90% of our population. Because the early symptoms of dental disease are hidden, people mistakenly believe that their mouth is fine, so they simply do not base the actual situation on buying an sonic toothbrush agency. Make choices, but listen to the tricks of the business, follow the trend, and blindly buy big network celebrities. Once you start using those off-brand sonic toothbrush agency, The disadvantages are obvious!


The disadvantages of electric toothbrush dealer are as follows:


Disadvantage 1. Non-professional electric toothbrush dealer often have problems such as rough bristles and unstable vibration frequencies. When brushing teeth, it is easy to irritate gums and teeth, causing problems such as gum bleeding, toothache, and tooth sensitivity.


Disadvantage # 2. Many people have oral problems before using sonic toothbrush dealer. If they use an unprofessional sonic toothbrush dealer, their dental diseases will quickly worsen.


Weakness No. 3. Using low-quality electric toothbrush trader can cause chronic tooth damage. There are no obvious abnormalities at first, but long-term use can cause serious harm to users such as gum shrinkage and loose teeth.


3, electric toothbrush trader damage tooth analysis of the four reasons!

We have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush trader. We don't need to talk too much about its advantages, but we must carefully study its disadvantages, find out the reasons, and then avoid them. So why do sonic toothbrush trader cause tooth damage?


Cause 1. Keep up with trends and use big-name influencer products


Many Internet red brands and crossover brands have only entered the sonic toothbrush trader industry in the past two years. They don't have a lot of previous oral care experience, They also don't have the expertise or compatibility with electric toothbrush company. The long-term optimization and upgrading of core parameters such as perspective and gum care experience only rely on marketing and promotion to sell goods, which is easy to damage teeth when used.


Cause 2. Select incompatible styles


The oral cavity is always changing, and oral problems are common among Chinese people. The oral environment is very complex, so it is even more necessary to use electric toothbrush company with high compatibility. However, many electric toothbrush company are not compatible with the standard and have few gears. Narrow vibration frequency range, fewer brush head types, Let's wait. These low-compatibility products do not match the oral conditions of Chinese people, and it is easy to cause dental problems after people use them.


Cause 3. Buy products at low prices


Some people tend to buy low-priced sonic toothbrush company, thinking that low-priced sonic toothbrush company are more cost-effective, but this type of electric toothbrush supplier is actually cheaper to produce and usually chooses low-quality components such as unrounded bristles and hollow cup motors. In the production of electric toothbrush supplier, when brushing, the force is different, and the phenomenon of hitting and tapping the teeth is also common, and the risk of tooth injury is high.

Cause 4. Chinese people have low oral tolerance


People in this country basically have oral diseases, but because most dental diseases are in the early and middle stages, no pain or itching, many people even have dental diseases are not aware, and they do not take into account the state of the teeth when choosing an sonic toothbrush supplier, which is very blind, people are easy to choose inappropriate and unprofessional products, after use will inevitably damage the teeth.


I'd like to explain that there are many sonic toothbrush supplier on the market that claim to protect your teeth and gums, But they are actually exaggerated or false advertising. In fact, these electric toothbrush vendor have a very high rate of tooth damage. So, what brand of electric toothbrush vendor has good cleaning power and does not hurt teeth?


Four to eight ways to choose a high-quality sonic toothbrush vendor


Through the above analysis of the causes of tooth damage, you can also see that basically all tooth damage has the shadow of improper product selection. Therefore, you must be careful when buying products. It will affect the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush vendor. Have a decisive effect. Only by purchasing a high-quality professional sonic toothbrush vendor can you eliminate its shortcomings. In order to ensure that everyone can buy a professional quality electric toothbrush bulk, I have summarized the following eight ways that everyone can follow.

Method 1. Buy a professional and strong brand


The crossover brands and Internet celebrity brands in the electric toothbrush bulk industry are generally in the past one or two years to enter the industry. They do not have much experience in oral care products, nor do they have strong enough technical strength to target the vibration frequency range and swing Angle. The core parameters of the electric toothbrush bulk, such as gum care and tooth protection experience, have been repeatedly optimized and upgraded. The product is difficult to match the oral condition of Chinese people, and the tooth damage rate is more than three times higher than that of professional brands!
Method 2. Choose brands with good after-sales service


It is recommended that you choose a brand with no reason to return within 7 days and replace the brush head cheaply. For example, the 7-day No Reason return service is very powerful. It allows you to try out your sonic toothbrush bulk before deciding whether to keep it. Can be returned in time to reduce unnecessary property losses.


Method 3. Magnetic levitation motor is recommended


The motors of mainstream sonic toothbrush bulk are generally coreless motors and magnetic levitation motors. Between the two, magnetic levitation motor is more worth your choice. It has strong performance, good running stability, relatively small swing and noise, you can get a better brushing experience, However, the frequency of coreless motors is unstable, fluctuating from low to high, and the product has a higher risk of tooth damage, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose.


Method 4. Sonic sonic toothbrush bulk is more suitable for Chinese people


There are two kinds of sonic toothbrush bulk, rotary toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes. Rotary sonic toothbrush bulk have great cleaning power, but the risk of tooth injury is higher. Not recommended for purchase. It is recommended that you choose a sonic sonic toothbrush agency. This sonic toothbrush agency is not bad at cleaning, but it can irritate gums and teeth. But it is much smaller and better suited to the Chinese oral environment. It is everyone's first choice.

Method five, swing should be appropriate


The swinging Angle of the sonic toothbrush wholesale is between 3 and 9 degrees. If the swing Angle of the product is too large, it is easier to stimulate the gums and teeth, causing problems such as tooth bleeding, dental acid and toothache, but do not choose an sonic toothbrush wholesale with too small a swing Angle, and the cleaning power of the product will be affected to a certain extent.


Method 6. Choose products with excellent bristles


The bristle planting rate, rounding rate, winding rate and planting rate will affect the quality of the brush head. For example, the rounding rate is a very important parameter. For example, the value of roundness is very low, and the bristles on the surface are very sharp and rough. It is easy to scratch gums and wear teeth. It is recommended that you use an sonic toothbrush wholesale with more than 80% of the bristles rounded.
Method 7. Buy Compatible products


The oral environment of Chinese people has many variations and is very complex. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a highly compatible sonic toothbrush manufacturer with rich gears, large power span and diverse brush head types. For example, the more types of brush heads, the better. High-quality sonic toothbrush manufacturer usually have multiple types of cleaning brush heads and mouthguard brush heads to meet the oral care needs in different life scenarios.


Method 8, battery life should be long enough


It is best to choose an sonic toothbrush manufacturer with a battery life of more than 30 days. If the battery life of the product is poor, the user needs to charge the sonic toothbrush manufacturer frequently. The aging speed of the battery is accelerated, and the service life of the battery will also decline rapidly.


5. Can everyone use an electric toothbrush factory?

In addition to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush factory, everyone should also pay attention to whether they are suitable for using electric toothbrush wholesale. If you blindly use an electric toothbrush wholesale when it is not suitable for use, it may cause serious oral problems. The following categories are not suitable for use:


1. The Elderly


People over the age of 65 have aging gums and teeth, oral problems are common, and many people have missing teeth filled. If you use an sonic toothbrush agency in such an oral environment, it will lead to faster tooth loss.
2. People with severe dental disease


sonic toothbrush agency are not recommended for people with severe dental diseases, such as severe periodontitis, gum pus, etc., but patients with mild to moderate periodontitis can use electric tooth brush. electric tooth brush can be effective in improving oral problems.


3. People who have just had dental treatment


People who have recently received dental treatment such as dental fillings, root canal treatment, and tooth extraction are not suitable for using sonic electric toothbrush, so as not to affect the treatment effect.


4.4 Children under the age of 4


Children under the age of four usually haven't had a tooth change yet. The gums and teeth are very immature. In order to avoid affecting the development of teeth, it is not suitable to use sonic electric toothbrush.


5. People who suddenly develop oral problems


If there is a sudden toothache, frequent gum bleeding and other problems, it is not recommended to blindly use sonic electric toothbrush, should be timely medical treatment, so as not to aggravate oral problems.


The advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush will be introduced here. In addition to explaining the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush, the article also carries out a detailed analysis of the disadvantages of tooth damage. Explain how to choose an electric toothbrush to avoid tooth damage. I hope today's sharing can help you buy professional high-quality electric toothbrush, stay away from the inferior products of Internet celebrities, and let everyone take oral care to a higher level!


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