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Advantages of an electric toothbrush

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Strong ability to clean, because the main brush to brush your teeth is the dental plaque on the gums, it is the mouth of the food particles and mouths after combined with natural flora, in the form of tooth surface, and because manual toothbrush is by hand movement, short of electric toothbrush that high frequency, and some people is not good at pap method of brushing your teeth, eventually lead to a manual toothbrush is hard to clean the teeth, It is also not easy to move around in certain corners, so the cleaning effect is greatly reduced. However, the electric toothbrush uses the high-speed vibration movement to drive the brush head to rotate or vibrate to clean teeth, and the frequency and cleaning effect of electric toothbrush can reach 31000 times per minute. Therefore, the frequency and cleaning effect of electric toothbrush cannot be compared with manual toothbrush. Experiments show that electric toothbrush can remove 38% more dental plaque than manual toothbrush. Have to say that the cleaning ability of electric toothbrush has got a lot of oral, nursing class experts agree But an electric toothbrush can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, prevent gum atrophy as a result, an electric toothbrush is very suitable for help people clean teeth with tooth decay and bad breath or cavities in the food scraps, bacteria and tartar, etc., Of course, people with healthy teeth are also suitable for use, and high cleaning ability can greatly reduce the possibility of dental disease.

The high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush will make us feel crisp and numb, just like in the tooth spa, it can promote the blood circulation in the mouth, massage the gums and improve the efficiency. This is the good news for lazy people like me, not only can save my brushing effort, but also can brush more clean. The most elegant is that it has "30 seconds zone change" and "two minutes" timing function. It's a great happiness booster. Reduce gum damage "miracle"?? Many people use the electric toothbrush method of "see-saw brush", in fact, it is very difficult to really clean up the dental plaque, a lot of dental plaque will become the method to slip through the net, over time in the mouth, leading to oral disease. Some people say, "Won't the frequency of electric toothbrushes hurt your teeth?" Of course, injuries are inevitable and there is no absolute perfection, but if possible, it is recommended that you choose a product that takes into account both cleanliness and gum tooth damage as much as possible.

Current electric toothbrushes generally have whitening, sensitive, polishing and massage modes. These modes are mainly different in frequency, which is helpful for us to get a suitable frequency for ourselves, and also help us to switch frequency and mode according to the condition of teeth, so as to make the brushing experience better. For example, if your teeth are sensitive, you can use sensitive mode.Battery life, of course, the longer the better, the current electric toothbrush 10-180 days have, try to choose a battery life, travel what is also convenient, the student party in the dormitory is also convenient. Also note how long it takes to fully charge.

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