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After using an electric toothbrush for more than two years (four heads have been used in that time), is it better to buy a new one or to continue to make do?

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After using an electric toothbrush for more than two years (four heads have been used in that time), is it better to buy a new one or to continue to make do?

If you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth, of course, the most basic thing is to clean your teeth every day. Many people insist on cleaning their teeth carefully with an electric toothbrush every day, thinking that a heavier brush will take longer, but in fact, the wrong way of brushing will only bring you closer to the dentist.  Because many consumers of manual toothbrushes adopt incorrect brushing methods such as horizontal brush, their gums and teeth are damaged.  Research shows that electric toothbrushes can reduce the incidence of gingivitis and bleeding gums by 62%. Electric toothbrushes have become the choice of more people.  

I remember reading a list of "daily necessities to improve happiness" on a few years ago, and electric toothbrushes topped the list by a landslide.  Nowadays, with the popularity of the Internet in recent years and young people's meticulous pursuit of high quality of life, it is not surprising that electric toothbrush can become a popular product to the public.  In fact, the basic functions of electric toothbrushes on the market are similar, so I pay more attention to the details of the products when I choose electric toothbrushes.  For example, the vibration strength of electric toothbrush, whether the material of brush bristles is soft, the noise size after starting, and whether the body design is easy to hide dirt and dirt, etc., because electric toothbrush is easy to be damp and mildew if there is a dead area to clean.  After nearly crossing my eyes on various e-commerce platforms, I finally bought an electric toothbrush of a foreign brand.  

In my opinion, electric toothbrush is not only about high efficiency and clean brush, but more importantly reminder!  I do not know if there is anyone like me, manual brushing is always done, will not pay attention to the Angle and time of brushing, relatively hasty brush, brush is not clean, is also such a bad habit of brushing, resulting in my tooth stones and dental caries.  So for me, using an electric toothbrush is to remind myself that I should brush the toothbrush cleanly and comprehensively.  I have sensitive gums, so the electric toothbrush uses relatively soft bristles. The electric toothbrush I use has soft bristles and hard bristles, and the overall hardness is soft, so it feels very comfortable to brush.  

As for why most people choose electric toothbrushes: Electric toothbrushes vibrate much faster than hand brushes, requiring only two minutes to brush.  The most important is not their own efforts, as long as the switch directly put the teeth on the good, after all, their manual brush up and down is not a machine, it is hard to avoid each brush range and force are different, sometimes in a hurry to brush teeth and even accidentally poke gum bleeding, this I have a deep experience!  Don't laugh at me!  The price of electric toothbrush is less than 200 yuan, it saves worry and effort and doesn't hurt the gums, and it's not like I can't afford to eat without 200 yuan, I will definitely buy it.  

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