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An article that taught you how to buy and use an electric toothbrush

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-07      Origin: Site

The popularity of electric toothbrush has also spawned a lot of controversies. There are many discussions on the Internet about "electric toothbrush hurt teeth", "electric toothbrush are intelligent", "dentists do not recommend using electric toothbrush" and so on. Is this really the case? What harm does electric toothbrush have or side effect? In this regard, ants deliberately collected a lot of information to help you understand the electric toothbrush. Sort out this simple and easy to understand electric toothbrush buying guide, buy electric toothbrush read my article is enough. From the working principle of electric toothbrush, the difference between acoustic wave type and rotary type, ten brands, electric toothbrush matters to note and so on. Electric toothbrush how to use electric toothbrush plaque clearance rate certainly more than ordinary toothbrush. The proper brushing method is more important than choosing a toothbrush. "Regular toothbrush + The right way to brush" "Electric toothbrush + the wrong way to brush". Both manual and electric toothbrush toothbrush using the pap brush method is recommended, although said invented toothbrush, modern people for the protection of the teeth than the ancients has been on a ladder, but generally are not enough, because of the disadvantages of traditional toothbrush very much, can not clean your teeth between the blind Angle. At the same time, most people brush their teeth incorrectly, causing more damage to the mouth. At this time, electric toothbrush came into being. However, when this product first appeared on the market, most people thought it was unnecessary to buy, and some even said it was just a gimmick.

However, facts speak louder than words. With the continuous development of electric toothbrush and its use in People's Daily life, it is found that electric toothbrush has a very positive effect on our dental health. The commonly used electric toothbrush is mainly mechanical electric toothbrush and acoustic electric toothbrush. The main movements of the brush head and bristles are rotation, vibration and reciprocation. The advantage of electric toothbrush is that it improves brushing efficiency and is a good choice for people with limited and inflexible hand movement.

Electric toothbrush use matters needing attention electric toothbrush brush head how long to change the electric toothbrush brush head how long to change, this part is asking the most people, "electric toothbrush brush head how long to change" such questions, there are a lot of online here I reply you: electric toothbrush brush head is generally need 3 months to change a. After all, over the course of three months, your brush head can accumulate bacteria that you can't see. Now that you've bought an electric toothbrush for your dental health, don't skimp on it. Tips: The soft bristles of electric toothbrushes are not always the best. The bristles must be thick and curved so that the edges and corners can be cleaned. Electric toothbrushes vibrate too fast, and if the bristles are too soft, they can easily blow up.

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