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An electric toothbrush with a cheap motor and a poorly designed vibration frequency can have the same effect on the upper teeth as a manual toothbrush.

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An electric toothbrush with a cheap motor and a poorly designed vibration frequency can have the same effect on the upper teeth as a manual toothbrush.

electric toothbrush surfaces tend to have sharp, irregular shapes, and even colored bristles turn white, like a broken pencil lead cross section. Every time you brush your teeth, the brush with low round rate will directly damage the tooth enamel and gums. This is also the reason why many people will bleed gums when they brush their teeth with the electric toothbrush provided by the hotel Express. It is not because of acclimation, fire, and too much effort to brush their teeth.

The hardness of the bristles is different from each other, but it needs to be considered that under the vibration of tens of thousands of times per minute of electric toothbrush, even the soft bristles of electric toothbrush will bring the tactile sensation of stiff oral hair, and the violence will not only produce miracles, but also cause gingival bleeding. Imagine, a wind is very weak very weak electric fan, fan blade touched a chopstick will have what consequence?Working principle of the sound wave type electric toothbrush: motor drive brush head high frequency vibration, and high frequency drive brush do small oscillation amplitude, more than 30000 times/min vibrations frequency of electric toothbrushes are strong cleaning effect, can let the toothpaste and water mixture to produce a large number of tiny air bubbles, the bubbles burst pressure can deeply realize the deep clean teeth and cause no harm.

If you have a very healthy and durable mouth, you can buy a pure vibrating electric toothbrush. If you have sensitive teeth, go for an acoustic electric toothbrush, which is gentle for your mouth. Try to choose a toothbrush that offers a variety of working modes, because our oral environment will also change. Also, be careful when buying and consider whether you have a big mouth. It is best to choose a small brush head, because if the brush head is too large, although it can improve cleaning efficiency, but the large electric toothbrush brush head is difficult to move flexibly in the mouth, can not carry out a comprehensive cleaning of teeth. In then is the sense of vibration test, the greater the general vibration frequency, the better the cleaning effect, but correspondingly, there will be too much noise and use of the shortcomings of poor feeling. At the same time, the vibration of the brush bristles can promote the blood circulation in the mouth, and have massage effect on the gingival tissue. An electric toothbrush is at least twice as effective at cleaning tartar as a manual toothbrush, reducing gum bleeding by 30-60%.One brush with electric toothbrush is equivalent to manual brushing 120 times, which can easily brush off cigarette and tea stains.  It cleans plaque better than a manual toothbrush, is 70 percent more effective at removing plaque between the ages of teeth, and reduces plaque throughout the mouth by 40 percent. Therefore, it is recommended to use an electric toothbrush. The most recommended electric toothbrush brands are the big brands. 

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