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Are Sonic electric toothbrushes better?

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The electric toothbrush is the product of technological progress. It can rely on the vibration of the motor to achieve a cleaning efficiency that cannot be achieved by human hands. Using an electric toothbrush correctly is safer than brushing your teeth manually. When steam trains were invented, trains replaced livestock, which allowed us to reach our destinations more efficiently. The constant development of transportation has taken us far beyond the boundaries of our feet. In fact, electric toothbrush are constantly being developed and updated iteratively. The same is true of human "brushing history," from the earliest use of hands to clean teeth, to the use of animal hair as a brush, to the advent of nylon silk as a brush in industrial civilization, to the increasingly sophisticated industrial production of nylon silk, which can be made with any hardness and rounded surface, all of which set the stage for the advent of sonic toothbrush . Then, along came the sonic toothbrush. It relies on the vibration of the motor to achieve a cleaning efficiency that cannot be achieved by human hands. The sonic toothbrushhas entered a new era.toothbrushes electric vibrate much more frequently than manual brushing. Many of the toothbrushes electric on the market use adjectives such as "sonic" and "ultrasonic," giving the false impression that they rely on the power of sound waves or ultrasound to clean teeth. In fact, instead of brushing your teeth with sound waves, it cleans your teeth with a brush that vibrates at a frequency similar to that of sound waves. What is the vibration frequency of ordinary sonic toothbrushes electric? Commercially available electric tooth brush vibrate at a frequency between 20,000 and 40,000 beats per minute, with most electric tooth brush vibrating at a frequency between 30,000 and 35,000 beats per minute. Most of us brush our teeth at a hand speed of 3-6 times per second, or 180-360 times per minute. This comparison means that an electric tooth brush vibrates 100-200 times faster than the speed of a human hand. sonic electric toothbrush have greater cleaning efficiency than manual toothbrushes. The cleaning efficiency of manual brushing is closely related to the brushing method and brushing time. Horizontal brushing has low cleaning efficiency and is easy to damage teeth. The pasteurization method is efficient, but brushing is also difficult and not easy to master. sonic electric toothbrush vibrate much more frequently than manual toothbrushes, so they are far more efficient than manual toothbrushes. With the sonic electric toothbrush in the right position, the high-frequency vibrations of the kids electric toothbrush can help quickly clean plaque on the surface of your teeth. There are two types of kids electric toothbrush. One is round head, mainly used for rotating and swinging cleaning; The other is a regular bristle shape, which mainly uses reciprocating vibrations to clean. The round tip brush takes care of the various concave and convex structures of the teeth. The motion direction of the bristles swings and rotates along the tangent line of the round head, and the bristles can penetrate into various tooth crevices and grooves, with strong mechanical cleaning effect and cleaning effect. The ordinary rectangular bristle brush head is reciprocating. If it is inserted horizontally into the gingival groove, it can be used to quickly clean the gingival groove by simulating pasteurization. At the same time, the reciprocating motion can drive the water to vibrate into the middle of the tooth, which has a certain cleaning effect on the adjacent surface of the tooth. kids electric toothbrush are safer than manual ones. Many people make a "scratch" sound when they brush their teeth. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they are shining shoes. That's because many people are obsessed with cleaning their electronic toothbrush: the harder the brush, the cleaner it will be. In fact, the harder you brush with the wrong teeth, the more wear and tear it causes. Many human wedge-shaped defects are caused by occlusal stress. Incorrect and "miracle" brushing methods make wedge defects and tooth sensitivity worse. electronic toothbrush answer this question well. First, the vibration of an electronic toothbrush replaces manual brushing. The motor vibration is uniform, soft and safe. Many electric toothbrush manufacturer also have a pressure alarm function. If the pressure is too high, it will sound to remind you that the pressure is too high or reduce the vibration frequency, or even stop the vibration directly to remind you not to use excessive pressure. Many people worry that electric toothbrush manufacturer will increase tooth wear, but that's not true. The roundness required for the industrial production of electric toothbrush factory and the long, even and gentle vibration frequency together determine that it will not cause excessive wear to the teeth, while the high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush factory can ensure the cleaning efficiency and reduce the brushing time. In contrast, our daily diet is the biggest wear on teeth. Chewing tests that teeth undergo as they grind food are the biggest source of wear on teeth. The "wear and tear" of brushing is negligible. sonic toothbrush manufacturer have a time alert mode that forces brushing for the shortest time. For some "very busy" people, brushing time just can't be squeezed in. Pretend brushing your teeth is routine. One word that can describe the way these people brush their teeth, which is no longer laudable, is brushing their teeth. Many people "behave" by squeezing toothpaste. They brush their teeth in their mouth for ten seconds without paying attention to the daily maintenance of brushing. First of all, the sonic toothbrush manufacturer has a higher cleaning efficiency. It will brush for ten more seconds. sonic toothbrush factory are much more efficient at cleaning than manual brushing. What's more, almost all sonic toothbrush factory now have a reminder function. Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and remind you where to brush your teeth every half minute. Brushing with an electric toothbrush wholesale will ensure that you achieve the effect of brushing for at least 2 minutes. A lot of kids don't want to brush their teeth, but vibrating and cartoon-looking electric toothbrush wholesale will no doubt appeal to kids. Kids grow to love brushing their teeth when it's fun, and running a sports car around their mouth isn't as exciting. Is the electric toothbrush wholesale an "IQ tax"? Someone will say, my grandma never brushed her teeth in her life, and she can still open a bottle cap with her teeth. If she treats brushing as a trivial task with the idea that "brushing is just icing on the cake", then an sonic toothbrush wholesale must be smarter for this type of person. Some people's idea of brushing their teeth is stuck in the last century. At that time, people were not well fed or clothed. A sonic toothbrush wholesale is enough. So the "clean toothbrush" thing remains stuck in the "I can make sure I brush my teeth every day" mindset. And even if you get rid of both of those ideas, people will think the sonic toothbrush wholesale is just an excuse for laziness. A little diligence goes a long way. electric toothbrush agency are just an accelerated version of manual brushing and are not cost-effective. First of all, most people have realized the importance of brushing their teeth. If the importance of brushing your teeth is popular science for those who don't, it's worth explaining the advantages of electric toothbrush agency for those who want to brush more cleanly. As mentioned above, electric toothbrush agency are not only faster, but also significantly more efficient and effective than manual toothbrushes. Not to mention features like stress alarms, artificial intelligence, which can reduce wear and protect teeth and help you develop healthier brushing habits. On the other hand, sonic toothbrush agency do cost more than regular toothbrushes. Is it worth the price? On the one hand, the price of sonic toothbrush agency is due to the cost. It consists not only of bristles and handles, but also vibrating motors with adjustable frequencies. Natural costs are higher; On the other hand, sonic toothbrush agency have many other functions: pressure alarm, artificial intelligence, timing function, etc. These are all sources of cost for multifunctional electric toothbrush dealer; Finally, electric toothbrush dealer include a variety of instrument components, as well as certain requirements for appearance and water resistance. Industrial design and product technology are much higher than electric toothbrush dealer, which also constitute another dimension of the high cost of sonic toothbrush dealer. In conclusion,sonic toothbrush dealer have many advantages over ordinary toothbrushes besides being more expensive. In this age of efficiency, an sonic toothbrush dealer is definitely not an IQ tax. It will take us into a new era of brushing our teeth. Using an electric toothbrush trader correctly is not a labor-saving version of a manual toothbrush. Many users have some misconceptions about brushing with an electric toothbrush trader. They think it's over when they turn it on and put it in their mouth. In fact, if you don't use an electric toothbrush trader, the efficiency of brushing can be greatly reduced, and even improper use can increase tooth wear and gum damage. Step 1: Understand the basic structure

About "sonic waves" : Sonic sonic toothbrush trader are brushes whose heads vibrate at the same or similar frequency as sound waves, hence the name sonic toothbrush trader, rather than literally brushing with "sonic waves." The principle is that the motor drives high frequency vibration of the brush head, and the bristles swing from side to side. On the other hand, the high frequency vibration causes the toothpaste and water mixture in the mouth to create a large number of small bubbles. The burst pressure of the bubbles can penetrate into the teeth and clean the dirt. This is what many brands call "fluid cleaning power." On "Mechanical" : Many people talk about the color variations of "mechanical electric toothbrush company." Many of the answers are mechanical. Many people who don't understand electric toothbrush company find them scary. So-called mechanical and acoustic electric toothbrush company work in the same way, but the heads are shaped differently and move in different directions. Both sonic and mechanical sonic toothbrush company essentially rely on an internal motor to drive a mechanical motion of the brush head to produce a cleaning effect. During this period, there is no sound wave with cleaning ability, so it can be interpreted as: sonic electric toothbrush = mechanical sonic toothbrush company, mechanical sonic toothbrush company = electric toothbrush supplier. The answer is: acoustic types are just as good as mechanical types! In fact, the original purpose of this question is to know which electric toothbrush supplier is better? Then when choosing, you can refer to the following points: 1. The most common motion mode of electric toothbrush supplier  has just been mentioned. One is the left and right swing motion mode with flow cleaning force, the other is the left and right circular swing + vertical vibration before and after the 3D motion mode. According to the answer of @ what is worth buying, we can know that the latter is more dominant. 2. The brush head should be a high round brush head, and the top of the bristles should be smooth. If the roundness is not up to standard, the teeth will wear down or the gums will be scratched and bleed. The hardness of the brush head should be moderate. If it's too soft, it won't clean, and if it's too hard, it will also damage the mouth. In addition, the shape of the brush head includes flat head and round head. Round heads are great for cleaning different parts of the mouth. When in use, the brush head can be panned, which is necessary for lazy people. The flat head is the same shape as our electric toothbrush supplier , and the use method is the same as manual sonic toothbrush supplier. It may be used more habitually, but it is best to use pasteurization, but it has restrictions on non-clockwise gaps. Additional features such as 2-minute timing and 30-second zone change are now common. There is also a smart pressure control feature to avoid excessive brushing and tooth wear. Generally speaking, it is a light reminder and sonic toothbrush supplier body vibration reminder.