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Are electric toothbrush really better?

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Are electric toothbrush really better?


With the continuous progress of science and technology, sonic toothbrush  is favored by more and more people as a modern oral care tool. sonic toothbrush  use high-speed vibration or rotation to clean teeth more efficiently and provide better oral health protection. The rise of toothbrushes electric in foreign countries has been decades of history, and it has only been a few years since they entered the country and really became popular! It has to be said that with the emphasis on dental care, sales of toothbrushes electric have soared in recent years! For many people who want to try an toothbrushes electric, most of them don't know much about electric tooth brush. What are the advantages and benefits of electric tooth brush? At the same time, what drawbacks and taboos does it have? Let's do some science for you today!
1. Features of sonic electric toothbrush


1. Efficient cleaning: sonic electric toothbrush can quickly clean tooth surfaces and crevices through high-speed vibration or rotation, effectively removing plaque and dirt.


2. Smart design: Most modern kids electric toothbrush are equipped with smart chips that can adjust the vibration frequency and intensity according to the condition of the teeth, providing oral care that is more suitable for individual needs.


3. Multi-functional brush head: There are many kinds of brush heads for kids electric toothbrush, including ordinary brush head, arch brush head, deep cleaning brush, etc., which can meet the needs of different people.

4. Easy to use: Electronic toothbrush is easy to use, just press the switch to start working, without complicated manual toothbrush action, reducing the burden on the hand.


Second, 10 benefits of electronic toothbrush, you can see.


The first benefit: good cleaning power. In terms of cleaning power, we have done a lot of experiments with electronic toothbrush and regular electric toothbrush manufacturer. It has to be said that the cleaning power of electric toothbrush manufacturer is much higher than that of ordinary electric toothbrush factory. Through high-speed vibration or rotation, electric toothbrush factory can better mix toothpaste and water together for a more thorough cleaning effect, more efficient than manual electric toothbrush factory.
Second advantage: high cleaning efficiency. Often, we find stains and food debris in the same tooth area. The cleaning efficiency of sonic toothbrush manufacturer is more than 2-3 times that of ordinary sonic toothbrush manufacturer, which greatly reduces the cleaning time.


A third benefit is that it removes stubborn tooth bacteria. Sonic toothbrush manufacturer have been tested by authoritative institutions. It is more than twice as good at cleaning stubborn tooth bacteria as a regular toothbrush. You must know that dental bacteria are the main culprit of our dental diseases.


The fourth advantage is that the vibration is stable and uniform. sonic toothbrush factory vibrate evenly and stably, and manual sonic toothbrush factory do not appear blind spots due to subjective forces. When brushing with a regular toothbrush, some teeth are difficult to clean because they are not easy to exert. electric toothbrush wholesale are different. Vibration is uniform and stable under multi-mode gears, and each tooth is cleaned using the same cleaning power.


The fifth good point: time control, the electric toothbrush wholesale has a 30-second reminder of regional changes and a 2-minute automatic pause, which can help users reasonably control the brushing time, avoid excessive brushing, and avoid insufficient cleaning time.


Sixth benefit: Save time and effort. Many people buy electric toothbrush wholesale to save time and effort. It doesn't have to be brushed vigorously like a regular toothbrush, especially when they're lazily getting up in the morning. Absolutely disgusted!

The seventh benefit: the threshold for brushing teeth is low. Many people think that the threshold for using an ordinary toothbrush is very low, but in fact, the threshold for using an ordinary toothbrush to clean your teeth is very high. On the one hand, each tooth has to be cleaned in place - it takes 10 minutes to clean the teeth and the strength has to be as consistent as possible, so from this point of view, the threshold for using an sonic toothbrush wholesale is much lower!


The eighth benefit: reduce tooth damage: The bristles of the sonic toothbrush wholesale are soft, and it is not easy to cause damage to the teeth and gums during use, which is especially suitable for people with sensitive teeth.


The ninth benefit is the prevention of oral diseases. sonic toothbrush wholesale can effectively remove dental plaque and dirt, reduce the growth of oral bacteria, and effectively prevent the occurrence of oral diseases such as periodontitis. Tenth benefit: Improved brushing experience: The vibration or rotation of an electric toothbrush agency can stimulate nerve endings in the mouth, leading to a more comfortable brushing experience and improved brushing habits.


3. Why do many dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush agency


In fact, a few years ago, many dentists didn't like electric toothbrush agency. They generally hold repugnant views. Most of them think that a regular toothbrush can clean your teeth as long as you brush them carefully. As degrees get higher, many dentists recommend using sonic toothbrush agency. The main reason behind this is that, on the one hand, the level of dental health of our people is very low, and almost every adult has problems such as tooth decay and periodontitis. It's true that sonic toothbrush agency improve the health and quality of teeth for many people over the long term, And it has a good effect on removing stubborn tooth bacteria. Therefore, in recent years, electric toothbrush dealer have gradually begun to be recommended by a large number of dentists.


4. Do electric toothbrush dealer have disadvantages?


Disadvantage 1: Improper use will cause a certain degree of tooth wear. Buying the wrong electric toothbrush dealer or using it improperly will cause wear and tear on the teeth to a certain extent, leading to tooth sensitivity, especially when many users suffer from tooth decay and missing teeth. In this case, wear and tear will increase.

Disadvantages 2: Damage the soft tissue of the gums, causing gingivitis, bleeding and so on. Gums are relatively soft, and excessive rubbing may cause gum recession, bleeding, and gum inflammation.


Among them, tooth damage can be divided into short-term wear and long-term wear according to time. Short-term wearing is usually easy to find discomfort, but long-term chronic wearing is difficult to find. It can slowly wear down teeth and gums, so many dentists urge everyone to be sure to check your teeth regularly, even if you look in the mirror to see your teeth and gums.


The reason why sonic toothbrush dealer cause these shortcomings is mainly because we have encountered some taboos in the process of choosing and using sonic toothbrush dealer! Such as I like to choose products that vibrate too much, such as buying cheap sonic toothbrush dealer for cheap, and wrong usage and brushing etc. These are the reasons that greatly increase the damage to teeth and gums caused by electric toothbrush trader.


Therefore, in the process of buying and using electric toothbrush trader, we must pay attention to these 7 details.


1. Vibration principle: There are two kinds of vibration principle: acoustic vibration and rotary vibration. Rotary vibration is more suitable for European and American users. The cleaning force is too strong, which can cause great damage to the teeth and gums.


2. Motion motor: try to choose magnetic levitation motor, its transmission loss is smaller, vibration is more uniform and stable, quality and life is better.

3. The vibration frequency of 30,000 to 40,000 times per minute is more suitable for Chinese teeth, but the vibration frequency is one of the factors affecting the cleaning force, not the only factor.


4. Swing Angle: Swing is a factor that many people ignore when buying, but its impact on cleaning power is also very important. The rotation Angle is best controlled within 3-9 degrees.


5, soft and hard bristles: Chinese people are more suitable for soft bristles, hard bristles are very easy to stimulate teeth and gums.


6. Amount of bristle: The more bristles you plant, the better. It is unscientific to see growing more hair as an advantage or selling point in the market.
7. Mane rounding rate: The rounding rate of mane is very important (the rounding rate refers to the rounding treatment of the tip of the mane, the rounding rate is low, and it is easy to damage the teeth). A rounding rate of more than 70% is required for adults; Children demand more than 90% higher; The higher the tooth protection, the better


Five or eight buy coup to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush trader!


Generally speaking, the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush trader outweigh the disadvantages, but if you do not pay attention to the choice, it is easy to buy products that harm your teeth and the disadvantages can affect your oral health. So how to choose the bad business routine, choose their own electric toothbrush company?


Coup 1, the swing should be appropriate


It is best to choose an electric toothbrush company with an oscillating amplitude between 3 and 9 degrees. If the swinging amplitude of the sonic toothbrush company is too large, it is easy to wear the teeth excessively, but the swinging amplitude of the sonic toothbrush company is too small and inappropriate, which will reduce the cleaning power of the product.


Coupon 2. Choose a professional brand


Professional sonic toothbrush company brands will carry out fine compatibility matching of electric toothbrush supplier according to the big data of the oral environment of Chinese people, and the experience of protecting gums and teeth, vibration frequency range, There are hundreds of products for electric toothbrush supplier. The core parameters of the toothbrush, the tooth damage rate of the product is more than 3 times lower than that of unprofessional electric toothbrush supplier brands!


Coup 3. Recommended products with magnetic levitation motors


Magnetic levitation motors and coreless motors are two common types of motors for electric toothbrush supplier. It is recommended that you choose an sonic toothbrush supplier equipped with a magnetic levitation motor. Its performance is stronger, the operation stability is good, the working noise is low, can give you a better brushing experience. The vibration frequency of sonic toothbrush supplier equipped with hollow cup motors is unstable and easy to damage teeth, so it is not recommended to start.


Coup 4. Choose an sonic toothbrush supplier with a good quality head


Although the brush head is small, there are many details that need to be paid attention to, such as wrapping degree, flocking rate, brush head size, rounding rate and other factors will affect the quality of the brush head. For example, the roundness of the bristles is very important. The bristles with a low rounding rate are sharp and rough, which is easy to damage the teeth when brushing. It is recommended that you choose an electric toothbrush vendor with a rounding rate of more than 80%.


Coup 5. Don't neglect brand after-sales service


Everyone prefers to buy an electric toothbrush vendor brand that supports a seven-day trial. Before deciding whether to keep an electric toothbrush vendor, you can try it for yourself. You must also consider the replacement cost of the brush head. Under normal use, the brush head needs to be replaced 4 times per person per year. If the price of replacing the brush head is high, the subsequent cost will be relatively high.


Coup 6. The product should have a long battery life


It is recommended that you choose an sonic toothbrush vendor with a battery life of more than 30 days. If the battery life of the product is relatively weak, it will run out of power after frequent use. We must charge our sonic toothbrush vendor often. Accelerate battery aging.


Coup 7. The best choice is sonic sonic toothbrush vendor


There are two types of electric toothbrush bulk: Sonic toothbrush and rotary electric toothbrush bulk. The rotary electric toothbrush bulk has good cleaning power, but it is more wear and tear on the teeth. Sonic electric toothbrush bulk has strong cleaning power and high tooth protection, which is more suitable for Chinese people. Oral environment, we start first.


Coup 8. Better product compatibility


It is best to use a highly compatible sonic toothbrush bulk with a wide range of brush head types, wide vibration frequency range and a large number of gears. Taking the number of gears of an sonic toothbrush bulk as an example, it is best to choose products with more than four gears. It can meet the oral care needs in different life scenarios.
6. How to use sonic toothbrush bulk correctly


1. Choose the right brush head: Choose the right brush head according to your personal needs and tooth condition, such as soft brush head for people with sensitive teeth, deep cleaning brush head for people who need deep cleaning.


2. Apply the toothpaste correctly: Pour the appropriate amount of toothpaste on the brush head, do not use too much toothpaste, so as to avoid splashing when brushing.


3. Correct brushing posture: Place the brush head at the junction of the teeth and gums, and brush each tooth for about 10 seconds with gentle force and small vibration or rotation.


4. Pay attention to brushing time: it is recommended to brush teeth for 2 minutes each time, evenly distributed in the upper and lower teeth and the front and back surfaces of teeth.

5. Replace the brush head regularly. Using the brush for too long can cause the bristles to harden and wear. It is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months to maintain the softness and cleaning effect of the bristles.


Sonic toothbrush bulk has become an important tool for oral care due to its advantages of efficient cleaning, intelligent design and easy to use. Use an sonic toothbrush bulk correctly. It can better protect oral health and prevent the occurrence of oral diseases. Therefore, choosing an electric toothbrush that is right for you and using it in the right way will bring better protection for your oral health.


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