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Are electric toothbrushes bad for teeth?

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-17      Origin: Site

There are a lot of arguments on the Internet that electric toothbrush hurt teeth. Many people worry that electric toothbrush will wear teeth out. So does electric toothbrush really hurt teeth? First, there are two kinds of damaged teeth. One is short-term damaged teeth such as knock and tooth bleeding, and the other is irreversible chronic damaged teeth such as more serious tooth sensitivity and tooth crack. It takes a period of time to find the precipitation. Experiments have shown that the amount of wear caused by an electric toothbrush on your teeth is almost the same as that caused by chewing food, which is negligible. Therefore, proper use of a good electric toothbrush will not cause damaged teeth. The remaining damaged teeth are generally caused by the following reasons. It depends on the type of electric toothbrush you buy and the condition of your gums. Human oral cavity is different in age, dentin and other aspects, the ability to bear high frequency vibration toothbrush is also different. If there are more teeth and gums problems, but the tolerance degree is high, electric toothbrush can be used. If otherwise, see a doctor first and then decide whether to use. This is the first, the second is to see whether your manual brushing method is correct, electric toothbrush is an enhanced version of manual toothbrush, if the manual brushing method is wrong, then the use of electric toothbrush will be very harmful, generally lead to patients with gum atrophy and gum tumors, there are many examples. The last is the choose and buy an electric toothbrush, rotary toothbrush of tooth wear is more severe, is not recommended, sound wave depends on whether the electric toothbrush can adjust vibration frequency, brush material is soft, the world in many hundreds of pieces of low-end brand in pursuit of cleaning effect, can't adjust the vibration frequency, and the vibration frequency is very high, brush head is rough, Also without frequency feedback function, this is a big damage for teeth and gums brushing your teeth, after a lot of people use gum pain and atrophy of problems, I am one of the victims, and varying degrees of gums full teeth shrank by 3-5 mm, moreover when using an electric toothbrush brush handle met with front teeth, cause the teeth to cracks, So the electric toothbrush is not some people say that a completely harmless, brushing method, electric toothbrush teeth gums function in patients with functional material and has a problem, then use electric toothbrush is harmful, it's a pity that I didn't see anyone on Internet said this, I'm full mouth tooth gum atrophy, teeth will drop after don't know.

There is no saying that electric toothbrush is necessarily harmful to teeth. Most of the conspicuous cases in front of us are due to the wrong method of brushing teeth, or the wrong choice of electric toothbrush, or their teeth and gums are not suitable for electric toothbrush. So if you're worried about the damage an electric toothbrush can do to your teeth, check to see if you're using the wrong method, choosing the right electric toothbrush, and ask your dentist if an electric toothbrush is suitable for you.

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