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Are electric toothbrushes recommended for children?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-18      Origin: Site

My father and my son are toothbrush crazy grandparents and grandchildren. I don't even believe that they are not my own. Some characteristics are still perfectly inherited after a generation: for example, brushing teeth: The following is the electric toothbrush of grandpa and grandson, like whether it is carved out of the same mold!If it weren't for my own experience, I would wonder: how old is this electric toothbrush? L Certainly not the toothbrush brush? Is L mystifying? But in fact, this children's electric toothbrush, the child only used a little more than a month, far less than 3 months to change a toothbrush time. My father's electric toothbrush, I May Day home to buy, calculate time is less than 2 months.

As I stare blankly at my toothbrush, this observation is a bit of a revelation: obviously my son's electric toothbrush is breaking down faster than my dad's. Please put your chin on your hand and lift your startled chin up first. With toothbrushes like this, uninformed people would think that the family would not be willing to change electric toothbrushes. And to top it all off, my son uses a manual toothbrush, and within a week of his violent brush-brushing, the toothbrush was bristling. Gnawing and gnawing, like does he squeeze toothpaste and use his electric toothbrush as a lollipop? After joking, I would like to point out a serious problem: the problem of improper brushing of children at a young age is the most easily ignored by parents!! No one who is not a mother knows how hard it is to hold your child's hand and teach them the rules of life. Take teaching a child to use electric toothbrush to brush his teeth for example, you should brush his teeth first, and then slowly let him master the action and essentials of brushing his teeth.

My son was able to brush his teeth by himself at the age of 3, but the method has always been problematic. This time parents' preaching is obviously pale, because I will say every time: "don't brush your teeth too hard, don't bite the electric toothbrush......" He could only listen to it for a while, and the next thing he knew, he went back to brushing his teeth. There is no mother and I are the same feeling: parents say parents, children do children!

There are also a lot of people think that the child is too young to use electric toothbrush brushing posture is not correct, and it will be fine when they grow up. I, must stand up and say "NO" to this view. I do not rule out some children, as they grow up, brushing posture will indeed be standardized; However, once most habits are formed in the early childhood, it is difficult to correct them in the later stage, just like my father cannot change the way he brushes his teeth. I won't dwell on the controversy over children's electric toothbrushes today. But electric toothbrushes can go a long way in correcting bad habits. As the benefit of electric toothbrush family, is really like this wise invention.

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