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Are electric toothbrushes suitable for old people?More than 70.Is there a risk of tooth loss...?

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Be sure.There is no risk of tooth loss.You should understand tooth is how looseness falls off first, did not have this doubt.The ability to learn beyond 70 is already poor.If he's so inclined to try something new with an electric toothbrush, try it.There is a lack of literature on the correlation between cleanliness and skill of electric toothbrushes.Electric toothbrushes aren't perfect, and if you don't master how to use them, they may not be as clean as a manual toothbrush at some point.Toothpaste doesn't matter.Take him to the dentist regularly.Deal with it promptly.

After working for a long time, I came back home on holidays. All our children went out to develop in the city. There were only parents at home, so I rarely asked about family affairs.Once home, when gargling, accidentally found next to parents toothbrush is not electric toothbrush, brush hair has scattered diverging.Look at his hands electric toothbrush, can not help thinking, electric toothbrush I have used for several years, brush head has changed several, but did not think of parents also buy an electric toothbrush, suddenly a sour heart.Electric toothbrushes, which we use at least twice a day, not only clean our teeth better than traditional manual brushes, but also protect our teeth better.However, parents' electric toothbrushes are different from those we use. Especially, parents' teeth experience wind and frost. The root of teeth may be worn by the wrong way of traditional brushing, and there are many yellowing substances on the surface of teeth.Electric toothbrush since so easy to use, also should give parents to arrange on just right, their teeth need more care.Usually people are seldom at home, so it is especially important to give your parents a gift."It only takes a few seconds to send money to parents on wechat, but it takes a long time to surprise them."First, we recommend two suitable electric toothbrushes. Next, we will introduce how to buy electric toothbrushes suitable for parents.

What should I pay attention to when buying a parent's electric toothbrush

1. Vibration frequency and amplitude of electric toothbrush should not be too high. When parents are old, they may have bad teeth and more wear.

2. Soft bristles, high grinding rate.Soft bristles will reduce gum irritation, while high rounded bristles will protect the teeth better.

3. Choose acoustic vibration electric toothbrush.The advantage of these toothbrushes is that they are gentle. Most sonic electric toothbrush on the market are actually high-frequency mechanical waves, or vibrations.Compared with ordinary mechanical vibration, the high-frequency vibration with the same frequency as acoustic vibration can break toothpaste into tiny bubbles, which reach every gap of teeth, with little loss on teeth and better overall cleaning effect.

4. Pay attention to your parents' teeth. If you have gingivitis, gingivitis, or obvious loosening of teeth, it is not recommended to use an electric toothbrush.Had better go to a hospital to check next tooth first, can use below the circumstance that does not have a problem in the doctor proposal.

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