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Are old people suitable for electric toothbrush and ultrasonic toothbrush?

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The elderly can use electric toothbrush, compared with the young, the elderly due to the hands and feet is not so convenient, a lot of life things do not very convenient, is one kind of brushing your teeth, but not all old people are suitable for electric toothbrush, dental implants more if need cautious, there is an electric toothbrush is required for operation,Improper operation may cause some damage to teeth and body.Advantages of electric toothbrush for the elderly 1: it is convenient to use, which is easy to understand. The elderly only need to hold electric toothbrush to keep a good position.2: More effective cleaning, like young people, electric toothbrush high-frequency vibration (30000 times /min) has a higher cleaning efficiency than manual toothbrush.3: reduce gingival damage, the strength of electric toothbrush is relatively easy to control, a variety of modes can also adjust the vibration frequency, over pressure reminder can avoid excessive force caused by gingival damage.In view of the high degree of aging of the teeth of the elderly, serious wear, or sensitive gingival problems, so choose some electric toothbrushes with sensitive patterns and soft bristles, and guide the elderly to brush their teeth patiently when using them.Here are some useful electric toothbrushes.

But look at the teeth of the elderly first.Normal words without periodontitis, gingivitis, loose teeth and other serious problems can be used.General electric toothbrush is friction brushing, especially some electric toothbrush amplitude is relatively large, if the elderly use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.If it is an acoustic electric toothbrush, you can rest assured to use, the real acoustic toothbrush vibration frequency is very small, may not feel the vibration, but the cleaning effect, dental care and other functions are better than ordinary electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes were originally designed for the elderly, the disabled.Because the frequency is too fast, it can also cause tooth wear for people who can't use it correctly.So before use, we must understand in detail, brushing method, time, frequency.Manual toothbrushes are highly efficient when used correctly.Electric toothbrush is just save trouble, there are other advantages, will be cleaner than manual brush, as to what you choose?Just make the old man happy.

I don't know if an electric toothbrush is suitable for an older person's teeth, but soft bristles, or children's electric toothbrushes, should be fine.My brother is right now, and each tooth gum that place is more sensitive to eat can not meet, but also good brushing your teeth, he is to me to buy an electric toothbrush, a man with me is special, soft wool brush head soft do not stimulate gums, children like to eat sugar, can brush very clean, it also on the quality of China news network, I think a child right can use,The elderly should be no problem, the use of the method may need to pay more attention to it.

If the teeth of the elderly are not loose or have tooth disease, electric toothbrush can be used. The tooth problems of the middle-aged and elderly will be ignored by many people, resulting in tooth loss and other problems.

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