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Are water flosser recommended by dentists?

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Doesn't the dentists recommend using a drill? I find many people are interested in this question. In fact, they can understand your feelings. In fact, everyone is worried that if the water flosser does not recommend the use of water flosser, it must be the harm and shortcomings of oral irrigator is not suitable for use! oral irrigator have become very popular in recent years. Don't dentists recommend oral irrigator? As an oral surgeon, I want to share three truths with you today!

Doesn't the dentist recommend using a drill? What are the dangers of oral irrigator?

Is it true that dentists don't recommend usingoral irrigator? This is not the case. From the perspective of my dental friends around me, most of them are encouraged to use oral irrigator, but after all, cordless water flosser clean the gums of the teeth by running water, so not everyone can use them, and many dentists don't recommend them if used improperly or if the impact of the chosen product is too strong! In particular, the quality of our people's dental health is very poor, with almost everyone suffering from tooth decay and periodontitis. Although dentists encourage people to use such teeth, they are generally cautious because they can prevent and improve dental diseases and urge people to choose them carefully and carefully. Doesn't the dentist recommend using a drill? At the same time, I consulted 10 dentists in the industry and formed several opinions. What did they say?

Idea 1: cordless water flosser can be used in combination with toothbrushes and floss to maximize the efficiency of oral cleaning of teeth. Many tooth areas cannot be cleaned properly by brushing.

Idea 2: cordless water flosser are suitable for a wider range of people than cordless water flosser, but not everyone can use them. If there is a particularly serious dental condition, prompt medical attention is recommended to prevent the blind use of cordless water flosser from overstimulating existing dental conditions.

Idea 3: Many dentists use irrigator dental themselves, but there have been several cases of dental injuries. We must remain vigilant. Many dentists stress the need to be careful of chronic tooth damage that is not detected by  irrigator dental for a long time! Tooth impingers can cause two types of damage to teeth: short-term and long-term. The short-term tooth injury mainly presents obvious problems such as bleeding from brushing teeth, toothache caused by shock and uncomfortable brushing teeth. Because it is easy to spot, many people adjust the brushing mode, brush head or gear pattern of the tooth  irrigator dental  in time, while long-term chronic tooth damage is not easy to spot. It's a slow wear and tear process. Typically, this long-term wear and tear process lasts for months, possibly years, but when you find it exacerbates dental disease. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to is the long-term chronic wear of teeth caused by dental oral irrigator.

Idea 4: The quality and health of teeth are generally not high enough for most people to use a dental oral irrigator, but we should be aware of some hidden dangers behind teeth.

Idea 5: Dentists do not absolutely recommend against using dental oral irrigator, but neither do they recommend that some people use them, or in some cases reduce their frequency.

6. Dentists encourage people to use dental oral irrigator, but they generally don't recommend specific brands or products because everyone has different dental characteristics and habits, which can easily cause problems.

Doesn't the dentist recommend using a drill? Many dentists call on you to be aware of these hazards and disadvantages of oral irrigator dental! The first danger is that it can irritate the gums. A similar situation can occur if oral irrigator dental are not used properly, or if some oral irrigator dental with strong water impact are selected. The gums are very fragile. In addition, most of us have varying degrees of periodontitis and gingivitis, which can exacerbate irritation. Second hazard: aggravated dental and oral diseases. Another concern with oral irrigator dental is that they can worsen dental and oral diseases. A lot of people don't know that they actually have a lot of problems with their teeth and mouth. The vast majority of people even think their teeth are healthy. Where is the disease that doesn't hurt and doesn't itch?! In fact, because of this, many people will let their guard down and blindly use the teeth beater. How to effectively avoid the harm and malpractice of beating teeth? The key is to pay attention to the following parameters and principles when selecting and using water flosser manufacturer:

1. Applicable age range: 8-70 years old.

2. Pressure range must be greater than pressure range. It is better suited to different oral environments. Typically, flush pressure is 0 to 90 psi/ pressure range is usually 40 to 90 psi, so it can be completely cleaned. There is no need to excessively pursue high pressure beyond the tooth load

3.water flosser manufacturer mode: cleanliness ranking; Ultrasonic > pulse > bubble; 1. Pulse jet: The special energy accumulation effect of the periodic high-pressure pulse jet cluster produced by the pump can produce water hammer pressure much higher than the static pressure of the constant pressure jet, and improve the impact force. 2. Bubble jet: Air is mixed into the jet through the entrainment effect of Venturi tube. When the ejector hits, the bubbles burst, providing a slight massage and cleaning effect. 3. Ultrasonic jet: pulse jet cluster is generated by ultrasonic wave, and the impact strength can be adjusted according to the requirements of use. Usually, pulsed jets are the main stream, which will have better cleaning power and gentle water flow.

4. Speed frequency, the maximum speed pulse frequency is generally 1200-1400 times/minute, representing the pulse frequency of water flow. The higher the frequency, the higher the continuous frequency of the water flow at the same time, so the higher the frequency, the stronger the effect. But too high can also damage gums.

5. Nozzle type: Usually, a variety of nozzles can be matched to suit different people, such as standard nozzles, periodontitis nozzles, orthodontic nozzles, etc. The more nozzle shapes the better, as they are suitable for different people with different oral problems and stages.

6, mode gear generally has 2-10 mode and intensity, the mainstream is generally 3-5. The stronger the gear, the better. It can be adapted to different water flosser manufacturer and oral environments as well as sudden dental and dental diseases.

Choosing a drill is the most important factor in avoiding tooth damage. Although many dental piercings say they don't hurt teeth, they actually have a lot of negative reviews. At the same time, the choice of inexpensive water flosser manufacturer is not allowed. You should also choose based on your dental health (it is recommended to take ten minutes to look in the mirror before buying to see if your teeth have dark spots, cavities, red, swollen gums, pain, etc.),

Doesn't the dentist recommend using a drill? Is it necessary to buy a water flosser factory? How does it help the teeth?

Is it necessary to purchase a water flosser factory? In fact, the main function of floss is to clean the gum line, between the teeth and other areas that the toothbrush is difficult to clean properly. Many people are used to comparing floss to water flosser factory because floss also cleans between teeth. The advantage of water flosser factory is that it can better remove the food debris in the interdental space, but it is difficult to remove the bacteria and gingival grooves in the interdental space. The oral irrigator manufacturer can not only better make up for the disadvantages of oral irrigator manufacturer, but also for cleaning the mouth, massaging the gums, reducing the dental space, gum grooves and other areas of cavities and periodontitis prevention! Another key point must be mentioned when talking about the need for oral irrigator factory: the dental health rate of our people is very low, less than 1%. Almost every adult has tooth decay and periodontitis, and many cavities and caries are found in the gingival crevices and Spaces between the teeth, so purchasing a oral irrigator factory is essential, which is why many dentists encourage people to use it!

Doesn't the dentist recommend using a oral irrigator factory? In fact, most dentists around me use water flosser wholesale, and their opinions also reveal their affirmation of the value of hedging water flosser wholesale. Therefore, they do not absolutely say that they do not recommend the use of oral irrigator wholesale, but in the face of the potential harm of oral irrigator wholesale, most dentists will be more vigilant and dare not recommend certain brands of products casually. At the same time, dentists do not recommend the use of oral irrigator wholesale for certain groups of people and situations that cannot be used. At the same time, most dentists also want you to have a basic understanding of teeth, not blindly buy and use.

To use the water flosser agency, simply hold it down and click the button to flush the teeth. You just move the nozzle. Floss requires you to scratch patiently, use two fingers to control the strength, and then replace it.

Dentists are good at water flosser agency, so water flosser agency is a natural choice. However, most ordinary people with hand injuries, like me, prefer to rely on a oral irrigator agency to clean their teeth.

Low starting threshold is important. Few people actually spend seven or eight minutes flossing their teeth in the morning after brushing or eating, but the vast majority of people who have used a water flosser dealer do so consistently, with a thorough cleaning taking only one to three minutes. Like the excellent CP of toothbrush and efficacy toothpaste, the combination of toothbrush and mouthwash is a very rare natural pairing. Mouthwash cleans residue from your teeth, while using mouthwash can help suppress bacteria and reduce bad breath plaque to higher levels. The strong flow of water often causes people to worry about gum damage. However, the water flosser dealer with a steady frequency will not hurt the gums. Proper use of the oral irrigator dealer can massage and stimulate the gums, improve the blood circulation in the mouth, and relieve toothache, bleeding gums and other problems. Most dentists strongly recommend that you use a oral irrigator dealer. The oral quality of Chinese people is low, and more than 90% of Chinese people suffer from oral diseases. Our oral environment is constantly changing and our oral state is relatively fragile, so we can't rely on traditional and single oral cleaning tools, and mouthwash has many advantages. It can not only make up for the lack of toothbrush, make oral cleaning more efficient, but also massage the gums, improve the self-healing power of periodontal tissue and improve the periodontal state. So dentists suggest you use it, but only if you choose a quality product that suits you!

Most dentists are very supportive of the use of water flosser trader. The reason is that the oral tolerance of Chinese people is low, the oral disease rate of more than 90% increases our oral problems, and the traditional oral cleaning tools can hardly meet the oral cleaning needs of Chinese people in this situation, so it is necessary to use water flosser trader. In fact, the requirements of dentists are based on the consideration of the patients receiving dental treatment. People who wear braces have a large number of gaps between their teeth and braces, which cannot be cleaned by brushing, and are prone to gingivitis. Oral health is a very important thing during the orthodontic period. If a patient has gingivitis during the orthodontic period, the tooth movement will be affected, which will not only reduce the effect of the orthodontic, but also time-consuming. For this reason, many doctors will require treatment of gingivitis before dental treatment. The tooth punch is a sharp tool used to clean the gap between the sleeve and the teeth. That's why dentists urge patients to purchase oral irrigator trader and use them often. oral irrigator trader have excellent cleaning effects, but it is highly irresponsible to see the myth as a replacement for brushing and cleaning. If you are getting orthodontics, the dentist will ask you to buy a water flosser company, which is important for you. Not only that, many oral problems are caused by poor cleanliness. As a sharp instrument for cleaning the mouth, it is recommended that you take one in your hand and wash after meals to keep your mouth clean and prevent oral problems.