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As a person who uses many electric toothbrushes

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As a person who uses many electric toothbrushes, I can responsibly tell you that electric toothbrushes are really not IQ tax. My own teeth occlusion is relatively low, which is easy to breed dental stains, dental plaque and tooth stones. I have to go to the dentist to wash my teeth once every six months. Until the use of electric toothbrush, the number of dental ran slowly reduced, dental calculus is not easy to breed, although the electric toothbrush can not replace the function of dental cleaning, but can make our oral environment become cleaner, larger Chengdu to avoid the outbreak of oral problems.

When choosing electric toothbrush, the rounding rate of the brush head must be considered. China stipulates that the rounding rate of adult electric toothbrush shall not be less than 50%, and the rounding rate of children's electric toothbrush shall not be less than 70%. The rounding rate has nothing to do with the cleaning effect of electric toothbrush, but is set for people with different oral conditions. Friends with sensitive teeth have the best choice of the cleaning brush head with high rounding rate.

I personally pay more attention to the basic timing function, every 30 seconds to change the zone reminder, divided into four areas of cleaning, brushing time for 2 minutes each time, so that you can ensure that each oral cavity is clean. In addition, pressure sensing is also a very useful additional function, especially for beginners, can be very good to avoid cleaning pressure and damage to the gums.

Electric toothbrushes are really practical, and it is indisputable to be called a practical tool. With what? By virtue of its efficient cleaning ability. It solves the problem that many people are difficult to master the Babbitt brushing method. Its multi-mode and many humanized designs can increase the enthusiasm of brushing. Its wear and tear is even less than that of manual toothbrush.

Rotating vibration type electric toothbrush on the market can not find the basic, the most mechanical cleaning way, has been eliminated technology. Electric toothbrushes that vibrate with sound waves are the mainstream of the market.

Acoustic electric toothbrush means that the vibration frequency of the brush head is consistent with or close to the frequency of the sound wave, so it is called acoustic toothbrush, rather than the literal meaning of "acoustic wave" to brush teeth.

Principle is: high frequency vibration motor drives the brush head, brush hair swinging, on the one hand, the high frequency oscillating brush can clean teeth, on the other hand, the high frequency vibration can make the toothpaste in the oral cavity and water mixture to produce a large number of small bubbles, the bubbles burst pressure is produced to in-depth teeth clean dirt, is also a lot of "fluid cleaning force" brand said.

The so-called mechanical electric toothbrush and acoustic electric toothbrush work on the same principle, but the shape of the brush head is different, the direction of movement is also different. Its brush head shape is mainly round brush head.

Either sonic electric toothbrush or mechanical electric toothbrush, are essentially rely on internal motor to drive the brush head to do mechanical movement, cleaning effect, did not make any cleaning ability during the period of sound waves.

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