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Before we can compare the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush with a regular toothbrush

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Before we can compare the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush with a regular toothbrush, we need to define the criteria for effectiveness.What exactly is effective?- the main effect is to see the actual effect, that is, can maximize the realization of tooth beauty on the premise of protecting dental health.Generally speaking, electric toothbrush  can be evaluated from the following points: 1. Electric toothbrush, whether it is the internationally famous "Baber's brushing method" or the "horizontal vibration brushing method" recommended by Chinese doctors, summarizes the correct brushing way, the main points include the following points:"Slight horizontal tremor", "turn the brush after 6-8 times", "gently pressurized horizontal tremor", "amplitude not more than 2 teeth at a time", etc., for the teeth bite surface.

1. Plain toothbrush compared to electric toothbrush : The perfect way to brush is hard to come by.I have tried it myself, using the Pap method with an ordinary toothbrush.But the experiment proved that it was too difficult to handle a normal toothbrush by hand. Holding the brush in the palm of your hand over two teeth, you had to balance the light vibration, the Angle, the amplitude...This I am not a robot, a 2 minutes brush your teeth experience down, "Pasteur brush your teeth" have no idea of use, but really tired hands!

2. Electric toothbrush: mainstream rotating vibration, acoustic wave brush two ways, some products with both intelligent matching.

1) rotary vibration electric toothbrush rotary vibration type is similar to the working principle of a washing machine, electric toothbrush is around our teeth in all directions through rapid clockwise and counterclockwise repeated rotation to scrub, some models will also have the entire brush head before and after the shock.This way of electric toothbrush moving indeed to a certain extent, can realize in the right way to brush your teeth for teeth "slight trembling", but the way of rotating vibration electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, need electric toothbrush design within the scope of the reasonable pressure, otherwise not only the wear of enamel is larger, it will also frequent KeYa, mouth phenomenon.

2) acoustic electric toothbrush acoustic electric toothbrush is not used to clean with sound waves, but the vibration frequency generated by electric toothbrush reaches the frequency of sound waves, so it is called acoustic electric toothbrush.It mainly depends on the high-speed motor to conduct kinetic energy to the rotation shaft, and then drive the brush handle vibration, so that the brush hair up and down or left and right reciprocating movement.Acoustic wave type because of its operation will not produce mechanical friction, so the stability is strong, the output power is relatively large.The disadvantage is that although the acoustic electric toothbrush is clean, but in the range of cleaning for rotary vibration is relatively limited.

3) The combination of the two combined rotating vibration and acoustic electric toothbrush advantages, on the basis of the electric toothbrush category also has a comprehensive brushing mode of electric toothbrush, clean teeth at the same time can also avoid tooth damage.

Electric toothbrush: a variety of brushing mode selection, easy to achieve intelligent brushing is different from ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush will generally set a variety of gear and mode according to the vibration frequency.For ordinary users, can enhance the use of experience, to adapt to the process of users and meet different needs;For some oral disease groups, can be more targeted to clean and protect the teeth.And the different cleaning modes are the icing on the cake for perfectionists, making brushing more fun.


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