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Can a regular toothbrush brush cleaner than an electric toothbrush?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-03      Origin: Site

An electric toothbrush is a very personal item. Therefore, before we buy, we should not only consider whether the product is suitable for personal dental conditions, whether the design is scientific, but also consider the appearance level of the product, as well as its comprehensiveness and portability. At least in terms of appearance, I really think electric toothbrushes beat other monochrome electric toothbrushes. The gradient design is very unique, forming a transition from pink to purple, the color matching is bright and advanced, the handle is also made of matte material, very texture in the hand. In other ways, this electric toothbrush is full of detail. The whole body waterproof design, one button switch, foolproof operation, also equipped with clean, bright white, polishing, sensitive, massage five modes, can be changed according to specific needs. I suggest that babies with this electric toothbrush can use different modes in the morning and evening according to their own conditions. If they brush their teeth frequently in clean mode for a period of time, then advanced whitening mode can be arranged later.

An electric toothbrush will last longer than a regular one. Electric toothbrushes are mainly divided into mechanical rotation type and acoustic vibration type. Mechanical rotation type uses electric drive brush head to make circular motion. The friction force is big, the noise is big, the cleaning force is strong, suits the serious person. Acoustic vibration toothbrush bristles swing in the horizontal direction, mild shock, easy to bubble, convenient to clean the dirt in the teeth.According to the latest big data according to the survey, the national oral health is not very ideal, more than 85% of the people have a certain degree of oral sensitive, periodontitis, bleeding gums, oral sanitary ware products currently on the market, however, of all kinds, such as electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush, tooth paste, powders, dental unit, etc. However, according to the test results of authoritative institutions, the intelligent electric toothbrush is the oral cleaning product with the best cleaning effect and the least damage to the mouth. Then if you want to buy an electric toothbrush, which brand is better? What are the basic knowledge of purchase that we need to understand?

When brushing teeth, on the one hand, the high-frequency oscillating brush head can effectively complete the action of brushing teeth. On the other hand, the high frequency vibration exceeding every minute also makes the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth produce a large number of tiny bubbles. The pressure generated when the bubbles burst can penetrate into the teeth to clean the dirt. When did the electric toothbrush complete its "industrial revolution"? That naturally began with the invention and application of the electric toothbrush. Faced with the dazzling array of electric toothbrush in supermarkets or online shops, with prices ranging from more than 100 to thousands of yuan, have you made a choice? Many people ask which electric toothbrush is best, and it's an unanswerable question because "best" is a relative term: the one that best suits the condition of your teeth and gums. So, how to choose the best electric toothbrush for you? Choosing an electric toothbrush can be considered in terms of ease of use, gingival sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, special functions, etc.

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