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Can an electric toothbrush remove tartar ?

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Compared to manual brushing, electric toothbrush are recognized by oral experts for their cleaning ability, as they can remove plaque faster and more thoroughly under high-speed vibration, minimizing the risk of cavities and gingivitis. In addition, when using an electric toothbrush, the force should be balanced and stable. It can not only effectively clean the blind areas such as interdental space and tooth decay, but also master the force, which can reduce the incidence of gum bleeding by at least 62%, and make brushing safer and more efficient. Especially for orthodontic people, dental caries, periodontitis and other sensitive people, electric toothbrush manufacturer is just needed. 1. First, let's talk about types of electric toothbrush manufacturer. There are two kinds of electric toothbrush manufacturer on the market: acoustic wave and rotary acoustic wave: the motor with built-in chip vibrates up and down efficiently, 32,000 times per minute, and the acoustic wave breaks down the toothpaste to produce bubbles to clean teeth and between teeth. Cleaning is powerful and comprehensive. The most important thing is to take into account comfort without hurting teeth, which is very friendly to people with sensitive teeth and more suitable for Chinese people. Rotary: rely on the drive shaft to drive the brush head to rotate in a circle, using friction to clean teeth. High friction, cleaning power, but comfort is often not good enough, very suitable for oral health people. In addition, the setting of the rotating brush head also makes it impossible to clean the gaps between teeth, resulting in certain dead spots during the cleaning process. In terms of actual cleaning effect and experience, it is recommended that you choose acoustic vibration electric toothbrush factory, which is also the mainstream electric toothbrush factory, accounting for more than 90%. 2. Key points: When choosing a sonic toothbrush manufacturer for plaque removal, people should not only look at the vibration frequency, which is only a factor affecting the cleaning power. According to oral experts, the three points that have the biggest impact on cleaning power are: soft scale removal rate, dental plaque removal rate, dental cleaning area coverage rate, especially dental plaque removal rate. As we all know, food debris, dental stains and tartar, if not cleaned, will adhere to the teeth and form plaque, which can easily lead to dental problems such as cavities and periodontitis. Therefore, when we choose sonic toothbrush manufacturer, we should pay more attention to the removal rate of dental plaque. The higher the plaque removal rate, the stronger the cleaning power, so is the removal rate of soft dirt. If you can't find plaque removal rates on the sonic toothbrush factory details page, or if customer service can't answer questions, you can pass! 3. Main points: In addition to cleaning ability, the choice of  sonic toothbrush factory depends more on whether there is a mouth guard design, mainly depends on two points: one is the pressure control Settings, and the other is the rate of rounded bristles. Pressure control Settings mainly refer to the process of brushing pressure adaptation, this is the most important point, is often ignored. For both high cleaning power and comfort, it is recommended that you choose a pressure-adaptive electric toothbrush wholesale so that you do not need to switch gears frequently during cleaning and do not need to constantly worry about over-cleaning inflamed areas such as swollen gums. electric toothbrush wholesale are pressure-sensitive depending on the state of your teeth and provide maximum protection. Important: Rounding rate is another factor that affects tooth damage. Refers to the treatment of the ends of the bristles to make them rounder and thus reduce damage to the mouth and gums. The experience is very good. It is recommended to choose a sonic toothbrush wholesale with a rounded rate of more than 90%. sonic toothbrush wholesale with a low round rate will be uneven under a magnifying glass and tend to damage the gums of the teeth when brushing. Prolonged use can lead to sensitive teeth, pain, bleeding gums and other conditions. electric toothbrush agency can clean tartar between gums and teeth with greater efficiency than regular toothbrushes. Let's talk briefly about how an electric toothbrush agency works. It uses high-speed motors to make the brush head rotate and vibrate to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. During the brushing process, a sonic toothbrush agency is placed on the teeth. The toothbrush vibrates and rotates to remove food debris from the surface of the tooth. Compared to a regular toothbrush, the power of a regular toothbrush can sometimes be indiscriminate or difficult to control. To achieve a cleaning effect, some people brush horizontally and vertically with great force, which can damage not only the gums but also the teeth invisibly.

However, when using a sonic toothbrush agency, the brushing force is even and the vertical brushing can be done without increasing friction, which reduces the damage to the teeth and makes the cleaning process more efficient and safe. Moreover, electric toothbrush dealer can clean the hidden places between the teeth and wisdom teeth that are not easy to brush at ordinary times, effectively remove dental plaque, and reduce the formation of calculus from the root. The vibration of the bristles also improves blood circulation in the mouth, which has an unexpected massaging and blood-activating effect on the gum tissue. In addition, it takes time to clean the teeth. electric toothbrush dealer take 2 minutes, while regular toothbrushes usually take 3 minutes. In addition, the sonic toothbrush dealer has an intelligent timer function, which can remind you regularly to ensure that the brushing time is controlled within 2 minutes, so as to ensure the thorough cleaning of teeth and improve work efficiency. In short, the sonic toothbrush dealer is the upgrade version of the manual toothbrush. They also brushed more frequently and cleaned tartar and blind areas more efficiently. We brush our teeth every morning and evening. How can we tell if tartar has been brushed clean? Method 1: After brushing, lick the inner surface of your teeth with the tip of your tongue. If you still have a rough, sticky, or uneven feeling near the roots of your teeth, there's likely still soft dirt that hasn't been brushed clean. Alternatively, gently scrape the surface of the tooth with your nail. If there are yellow or white things on the nails, they are not cleaned. Method two: Online purchase of "plaque display agent" can be the humble plaque soft scale dyed purple, at a glance. Three hazards of tartar: 1. The formation of calculus affects the appearance. Tartar deposited over time, combined with minerals and other components in saliva, can calcify and form hard tartar. The most immediate impact is aesthetic, as dirty tooth surfaces can directly reduce the appearance of teeth and make people uncomfortable; 2. There are many pathogenic bacteria in bad breath and calculus, which can decompose food residues and produce gas, leading to bad breath. 3, cause tooth loosening tartar is most likely to accumulate in the gum edge of the tooth, can repeatedly stimulate the gum and periodontal tissue, causing gingivitis and periodontitis. This is also the biggest harm of calculus, resulting in red, swollen and bleeding gums, resorption of alveolar bone (the bone around the root of the tooth), discharge of periodontal pus, exposure of the root, and eventually loosening and loss of the tooth. How to remove tartar? 1. At the beginning of brushing, it is easy to cause the formation of dental stones. Generally, brushing twice every morning and evening can achieve good results. Floss can be used in areas between teeth that are difficult to brush. Also, an electric toothbrush trader is a good choice. It is six times more efficient than a manual toothbrush. 2. Whitening toothpaste is used to remove tartar. Since many residues cannot be cleaned by regular toothpaste, whitening toothpastes contain mild silica that gently removes stains from teeth. 3. After brushing, dip in lemon juice and wipe each tooth. Citrus fruits are often great for removing plaque because of the acid they contain. Lemon juice works even better. Citric acid not only dissolves plaque, but also makes teeth slightly whiter. Dip your toothbrush in fresh lemon juice, rub it gently into your teeth, and wait a minute before rinsing. However, lemon juice is a potent substance that can cause tooth decay, so it should be used with caution. The easiest and most effective way to remove tartar using a dental patch is to use a dental patch at home. Dental patches can have whitening effects, but it is important to note that you must brush your teeth every 6 hours after using dental patches. 5. Gargle to remove tartar. Mouthwash inhibits plaque formation and strengthens tooth enamel. And mouthwash can moisten the oral mucosa, play the role of artificial saliva! Dental experts recommend using mouthwash 2-3 times a week. Avoid eating and rinse for 30 minutes to remove tartar. First, you should clean your teeth in place every day. It is recommended to learn Babbitt toothbrush. sonic toothbrush trader are also more powerful than regular electric toothbrush company for cleaning. You should make sure to brush your teeth every morning and evening, and try to gargle after meals. If there is a lot of tartar, it is recommended to go to the hospital for dental examination followed by dental cleaning. If other problems are caused by tartar, it is best to seek the guidance of a medical professional for appropriate treatment. Personally, I think it's useful, especially for tartar removal, which is a problem for many people. It not only affects the appearance, but also causes oral problems such as bad breath. The basic way to clean tartar is to brush your teeth long enough. sonic toothbrush company at this time can save energy and time control well. Personally, I think it's very useful! When it comes to tartar, you're probably all familiar with it. It consists mainly of food scraps, the shedding of oral mucosal epithelium, and a mixture of mucin and bacteria in saliva. If tartar builds up on the teeth for a long time, it will give off an unpleasant odor, such as exit odor. Therefore, in order to prevent oral diseases in daily life, everyone should prevent tartar formation. How to remove and prevent tartar? Here are three tips to bookmark: 1. To remove tartar, you need to go to a professional dental hospital for periodontal treatment. Ultrasonic cleaning can help remove soft dirt and tartar from the neck of the tooth. After cleaning the teeth, locally rinse with iodoglycerin. 2. Brush your teeth carefully every day, at least before breakfast and before bed. Before brushing, floss to clean your teeth of food debris and soft dirt. Brush your teeth for no less than 3 minutes each time. A small electric toothbrush supplier is recommended, which is good for cleaning the teeth and the surface of the neck. 3. It is recommended to wash your teeth every six months to a year to help prevent and remove tartar. Tartar can affect the appearance and health of your teeth, so it's important to get rid of it. There are many ways to remove tartar. You can go to a professional dental hospital and choose the most appropriate method of tartar removal under the guidance of your doctor. Daily attention should be paid to oral hygiene and dental protection. Brushing is the foundation of good oral care and prevention. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), both electric and manual electric toothbrush supplier are effective at removing plaque that causes tooth decay and disease. Both electric and manual sonic toothbrush supplier have their own advantages. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes any toothbrush that has been shown to be safe and effective, whether it's electric or manual. The Benefits of an electric toothbrush vendor .An electric toothbrush vendor helps you remove plaque from your teeth and gums by vibrating or rotating the bristles. Every time the sonic toothbrush vendor moves across your teeth, the vibrations create more tiny movements. 1. Remove plaque more effectively electric toothbrush bulk do reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushes overall, a study has shown. After three months of use, there was a 21 percent reduction in plaque and an 11 percent reduction in gingivitis. Swinging (rotating) electric toothbrush bulk seem to be more effective than vibrating ones. 2 More convenient for people with mobility difficulties 3 A sonic toothbrush bulk can help you do most of the work. They may help people with mobility problems. 4 sonic toothbrush bulk have built-in timers to help you brush for longer periods of time, thereby removing plaque from your teeth and gums. 5. It can improve your concentration while brushing. At least one solid study has found that people are more attentive when they brush their teeth with a sonic toothbrush . This can improve people's overall brushing experience and potentially improve how well you clean your teeth. 6. It improves the oral health of patients who use dental gear One solid study found that toothbrushes electric are especially helpful for people who use dental gear, such as braces, because it's easier to brush. Among people with good oral health appliances, plaque levels were nearly the same whether they used a toothbrushes electric or not. But if you find it difficult to clean your mouth during orthodontic treatment, an electric tooth brush can improve your oral health. 7 Gum Safety If used correctly, sonic electric toothbrush will not harm gums or enamel, but will promote overall oral health. Disadvantages of sonic electric toothbrush 1 In studies of older adults, kids electric toothbrush did not remove significantly more plaque than manual kids electric toothbrush. That doesn't mean an electronic toothbrush can't be used, but it probably means it's not worth the extra cost. Not everyone likes the feeling of vibration. Also, electronic toothbrush cause saliva to flow more through the mouth.


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