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Can children use electric toothbrushes?

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The general life of the very young children some things in life can not be used, today is talking about electric toothbrush, according to experts said that the baby under 7 years old recommended not to use.May parents will say what I can't use, first of all, the frequency of the electric toothbrush and strength are fixed good, then there is the baby because of age small, while you brush your teeth don't know the correct way, directly lead to errors, thus cause children swollen gums, baby teeth also appear the phenomenon of wear and tear, serious cause tooth loss directly, so,Babies should not use electric toothbrushes until they are 7 years old.Preschool babies can not use electric toothbrush, preschool baby teeth have few stubborn things such as calculus, basic is some soft scale, so there is no need to use electric toothbrush to vigorously friction.At this time, the baby is in the critical period of teething and tooth replacement, teeth and periodontal tissue are immature, so the choice of electric toothbrush is also the most important.When parents buy electric toothbrushes for their babies, they must choose low power, small brush head, soft bristles and so on.Don't buy from your own habits.

Precautions for baby using electric toothbrush

First of all, when the baby brushes with an electric toothbrush, parents should keep it for 3 months and replace it once for the baby. If the use time is too long, there will be a lot of bacteria in the bristles, which is very harmful to the baby's oral health.

Secondly, parents must choose good quality products to buy electric toothbrush for their baby, so as to ensure the quality of electric toothbrush.At the same time can not let the baby mouth injury.

The whole electric toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, can be directly washed with water, safe for the baby to use, let the child in the bath while playing with water brushing teeth, in the gentle care of the child's teeth, at the same time, develop a morning and evening brushing teeth once a "fun" thing.And the electric toothbrush also has two brushing modes, day and night points to protect, protect teeth.At the same time, the use of patent waterproof induction charging.Just one charge will save you more than a month of worry.According to the oral conditions of children aged 4-12, electric toothbrush can provide professional oral care. The bristles of the toothbrush head are imported from the United States, duPont bristles, and the top is rounded to fit the gums, making it cleaner and safer to brush teeth.Moreover, the electric toothbrush adopts self-developed magnetic levitation sound wave deep cleaning motor, which is safer to use and cleans more thoroughly.

Can kids use electric toothbrushes?Many mothers have this concern: will a baby be able to use an electric toothbrush?Would it be unsafe?In fact, the electric toothbrush for infants and young children and ordinary toothbrush, as long as the correct choice, correct use, will not harm children's teeth and oral cavity.However, the choice of electric toothbrush and brushing method is still a lot of attention to place.

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