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Can children use electric toothbrushes

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My child is 3 years old. He always brushes his teeth twice and then doesn't brush his teeth. Sometimes he is even too lazy to brush his teeth. I heard that the electric toothbrush only takes 2 minutes to brush, and there are gadgets to attract children to brush their teeth, but I don't know whether the children's toothbrush is suitable for children, I looked on a treasure, basically the description is vague.

Electric toothbrush can be used. Choose regular brands and qualified products. Advantages of electric toothbrush: Higher efficiency, cleaning effect is slightly better than manual toothbrush when used correctly, usually with time reminder, some brands have music or supporting APP to add fun. Not recommended: U-shaped electric toothbrush, 360° toothbrush.

Children love sweets, and if they don't pay attention to oral hygiene, they will easily get cavities. Keeping your teeth healthy requires good brushing habits, and brushing your baby's teeth can be a chore for older mothers. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association and other official groups recommend that parents assist and supervise brushing until the age of seven. Some mothers will choose electric toothbrush for their children, because they buy manual toothbrush to brush their children's teeth. It may be because the children brush their teeth incorrectly, or brush their teeth for not enough time, do not like it, and so on, and finally brush not clean. Electric toothbrush is more labor-saving and convenient. So, how to choose an electric toothbrush? In its latest review, we evaluated five electric toothbrushes. The test sample is the current mainstream acoustic vibration toothbrush on the market. Some current research data tend to believe that acoustic vibration electric toothbrush can clean teeth better than mechanical rotating toothbrush, because its rotation efficiency is higher, up to 40000 times/min.

Evaluation indicators: This evaluation of children's electric toothbrush will be evaluated from four dimensions of "brush head safety", "cleaning ability", "brushing comfort" and "functionality", including the following indicators. 1. Safety of brush head: if the bristles of the brush head are sharp or burr, it will easily cause gum bleeding and enamel wear when children brush their teeth. 2. Cleaning ability: An electric toothbrush with strong cleaning ability can better help children resist tooth decay. 3. Brushing comfort: see if the noise of the electric toothbrush is big or not, and whether it is easy for children to take, etc. 4. Functionality: Check whether the electric toothbrush has a zone change prompt, timing function and so on.

Speaking of here, everybody in the mind should have some thought and decision, don't worry first, everybody still needs to know below, the choose and buy of electric toothbrush, design and material are qualitative. The purchase of electric toothbrush, many people's first reaction is: of course, choose a big brand! Cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap! This sentence is relatively small edition is more agree, notice, relatively is more agree. in a treasure and dog east and so on some stations to see the vast majority of electric toothbrush, will not understand the consumer caused some misunderstanding.

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