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Can electric toothbrushes really clean up a lot of debris?

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Both electric and manual toothbrushes have their advantages.The U.S. Drug Administration recognizes any toothbrush proven to be safe and effective, whether electric toothbrushes or manual.The electric toothbrush bristles vibrate or rotate to help remove plaque from your teeth and gums.Each time the toothbrush moves over your teeth, the vibrations create more twitches.In general, electric toothbrushes do reduce plaque and gingivitis better than manual toothbrushes, according to a study.After three months of use, there was a 21 percent reduction in plaque and an 11 percent reduction in gingivitis.Swinging (rotating) toothbrushes seem to work better than vibrating toothbrushes.2 It's more convenient for people with limited mobility 3 An electric toothbrushes can do most of the work for you.They may help people with mobility problems 4 Built-in timer Electric toothbrush the built-in timer helps you brush your teeth for a long time to remove plaque from your teeth and gums.At least one reliable study has found that people pay more attention when they brush with electric toothbrushes.This can improve people's overall brushing experience and potentially improve how well you clean your teeth.A solid study has found that electric toothbrushes are particularly helpful for people who use orthodontic devices such as braces because they make brushing easier.Among people who already had good oral health appliances, plaque levels were similar whether they used electric toothbrushes or not.But if you find it difficult to clean your mouth during orthodontic treatment, an electric toothbrushes can improve your oral health.7 Safe Gums If used properly, electric toothbrushes won't harm the gums or enamel and will promote overall oral health.Disadvantages of electric toothbrushes 1 In studies of older adults, electric toothbrushes did not significantly remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes.That doesn't mean electric toothbrushes don't work, but it probably means it's not worth the extra cost.2 Not everyone likes the feeling of vibration.Plus,electric toothbrushes make saliva flow more in your mouth manual toothbrushes have been around for a long time.While they're not as novel as electric toothbrushes, they're still an effective tool for cleaning teeth and preventing gingivitis.If you feel most comfortable sticking with a manual toothbrush, stick with it.

Electric toothbrushes cause less damage to teeth than traditional toothbrushes.An electric toothbrush can be used to brush gently compared to someone with a strong hand, greatly reducing the chance of bleeding gums.In addition, for people who brush their teeth incorrectly, using an electric toothbrush can better protect tooth enamel.

Although electric toothbrush has many advantages, but not everyone is suitable to use electric toothbrush oh!Electric toothbrushes are more suitable for people with neat teeth.For people with neat teeth, the curvature and strength of electric toothbrushes are suitable, which can be fully cleaned to each tooth and the cleaning treatment of the adjacent gap.When using electric toothbrushes, you also need to ensure enough brushing time, brushing every time in 4-5 minutes, so as to thoroughly remove dental plaque, keep the oral environment clean and sanitary.

As long as the action, time and posture of brushing are correct, both electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrush can achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth well. There is no need to be strict with the use of electric toothbrushes.But if you want to choose electric toothbrushes, be sure to choose regular manufacturers.

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