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Can electric toothbrushes really harm teeth and gums

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-17      Origin: Site

Can electric toothbrushes really harm teeth and gums? It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who prefer to use electric toothbrushes, and those who don't. Does an electric toothbrush really brush cleaner than a regular toothbrush? Can electric toothbrushes harm teeth and gums? It is difficult for me to make a prepared judgment, because everyone uses it in a different way, so the feeling, the effect and even the possible physical harm caused by using it are all different.

Good children who brush their teeth morning and evening spend an average of three minutes a day with this in their mouths. So brushing your teeth is definitely not a small thing. However, even now, 70 per cent of people believe they do not have to change to an electric toothbrush. In many people's minds, electric toothbrushes are high-end, not civilian. In developed European countries, almost 80 percent of households use electric toothbrushes.

In fact, electric toothbrushes do not harm the gums, but are mostly to blame for the wrong brushing method and untreated periodontal disease.

In my experience, electric toothbrush is really good, really used to be without, but see there are many online about electric toothbrush black spots, what vibration frequency is too large damage teeth and gums can make teeth loose sensitive, such as I want to say as long as you choose electric toothbrush is the quality pass, will not appear this kind of problem, Like a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers of electric toothbrush is absolutely not to buy, they can only ensure their own reactive power, some technology is not up to standard may damage our teeth, so to the scientific purchase of electric toothbrush.

Electric now with scientific and technological progress and the expansion of market healthy competition, now the major manufacturers are trying to improve the research and development production line of electric toothbrush, now the mainstream electric toothbrush is also changed from rotating vibration to the tooth friction less but cleaner sonic electric toothbrush, and also in the continuous update.

Although the rotating and vibrating electric toothbrush can improve our brushing efficiency, it is contrary to the law of brushing up and down by rotating the toothbrush head. Long horizontal brush teeth vigorously may create a wedge of tooth wear, this is some people will feel electric toothbrush before bad reason, because they are not only hard horizontal brush and still a long time, this method no matter use manual toothbrush to brush your teeth or electric toothbrush will produces some damage to teeth, but with more efficient rotary vibrating electric toothbrush, you're going to get damaged faster.

No matter what everyone is close friends certainly good to protect our teeth, whether to buy a sonic toothbrush or dental floss and dental unit, all are necessary, is the important guarantee of dental health for us, is definitely not what IQ tax, bad teeth can affect our health, even the old saying goes bad stomach and bad teeth, because can not make full chewing teeth to eat food, Will increase the burden of the stomach, nutrition is not fully absorbed will cause stomach disease, which will also cause a variety of problems, we hope not lazy, to brush your teeth well oh.

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