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Can water flosser remove the Black Triangle?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-17      Origin: Site

Last month, I put on braces. I heard that wearing braces is easy to clean but not clean, so that the teeth have black triangle. I looked in the mirror and felt that there was this trend. Recently, I considered water flosser, and I wanted to ask if it could solve the black triangle problem, and if it could alleviate the problem of gingival atrophy caused by wearing braces.

Water Flosser is a high-frequency jet that removes plaque from the gaps between teeth. During tooth compression orthodontics, some brands also have corresponding orthodontic sprinkler heads, which can be conveniently placed to directly clean some food residues and dental plaque on the orthodontic device. Water Flosser is recommended if you only have braces. It is easy to carry, even when you study or go to work. It can ensure that you can eat three meals a day and keep your mouth clean after finishing. The deer is willing to wear this water flosser when traveling, no matter it is one or two days or seven days. We give you a travel bag as a gift. When the nozzle is removed, you can put it into the travel bag, which is very convenient and beautiful to carry. 1200 times /min of a pulse water flow, the focused water is only 0.66mm in size, coupled with 45-75psi of water pressure, the cleaning ability is very strong, in one second the chocolate stuck on the corn to wash away. Every night after brushing teeth, fawn will use to wash the teeth, some of the material residue inside the teeth are cleaned away. The dirt above the back teeth can also be removed. During orthodontics, a water flosser orthodontic nozzle can be used to provide the same cleaning effect. If it is an existing black triangle, floss can not completely remove... The black triangle is a receding gum, and any careful cleaning can alleviate the receding gum problem, but the ultimate treatment should be seen by a doctor. At present, there are many portable water flosser on the market, which is as easy to carry as an electric toothbrush and occupies a small space. However, compared with the household type, the water tank capacity is relatively low, and there are shortcomings in the battery life. Compared with portable dental flushers, household water flosser is relatively large in size, with large water tank capacity, more nozzles and strong battery life. It can meet the needs of many family members, but it is cumbersome and inconvenient to carry.

The price of water flosser is divided into three levels: the first level is 100-200 YUAN: the price of this level is very close to the people, belonging to the special affordable product, the effect is also ok , beginners can buy. The second tier is between 200-400 yuan: Compared with 100-200 yuan, the water flosser effect of this tier is more perfect in terms of fuselage material, effect and endurance. Generally, 80% of people will choose this tier. To be honest, I've got so much water flosser that I don't see any advantage in buying it for more than $400, but if you really like it, I'll buy it, no big deal!

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