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Children's electric toothbrush

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There is no age limit for electric toothbrush for kids, and there are many designs on the market for babies who are younger than one month old.

There are only two prerequisites for baby to use the electric toothbrush: (1) To choose a quality guaranteed and specially designed for the baby's mouth; Such a toothbrush should also be suitable for the baby's mouth size brush head, soft bristles, easy to grasp the handle characteristics. Follow these three points, plus an attractive "appearance level".) Parents must be there to help supervise each use. As for gum damage, it's because of the wrong method, not because of the electric toothbrush itself. When brushing, place the bristles at an Angle of about 45 degrees from the gums. Move the sonic toothbrush slowly and hold on to the surface of each tooth for a few seconds. Brush the outside first, then the inside, then the occlusal surface, making sure that each surface is cleaned for 2-3 seconds. Don't forget to brush the tongue coating finally


There are a few points to pay attention to when buying a children's electric toothbrush


Bristles softness moderate, bristles to do round treatment


It is important for children to clean their teeth, but baby's delicate baby teeth and sensitive gums need more care. When brushing, the bristles are in direct contact with the teeth and gums, which is the tip of the bristles. In addition, the electric toothbrush has high frequency vibration, so the quality of the bristles is very important. According to the relevant standards in China, children's brushing must remove the acute Angle, and can not have burrs, ripe bristles soft and hard degree is very important; Don't be too hard or you'll hurt your gums and teeth, and don't be too soft, or you won't get a cleaning effect.


High fall resistance, good waterproof performance of children electric toothbrush.


All the articles used by children are anti-fall and anti-collision, so the service life will be longer. Therefore, the brush handle is usually wrapped with ABS plastic, which has good anti-fall performance and bright color, suitable for children. The waterproof performance is good, can achieve whole body to wash without the problem. Electricity-related parents are more concerned, so it is necessary to achieve strong waterproof performance.

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