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Choose and buy electric toothbrush we need to pay attention to three points

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Choose and buy electric toothbrush we need to pay attention to three points: brush head grinding rate, noise size, mode. in all the links that affect the experience and effect, the grinding rate of toothbrush bristles is extremely critical. Some unrounded bristles can cause damage to the soft tissues and surfaces of our teeth, as well as reduce the cleaning effect. I don't know if you have this experience: even if we brush the toothbrush again how gentle, or brush bleeding. Most of us may think it's our teeth, but it's actually our toothbrushes that don't sharpen properly. (The national standard is that the grinding rate of adult electric toothbrushes should not be less than 50%, and that of children's electric toothbrushes should not be less than 70%.) The noise level is also an important parameter for me to choose electric toothbrushes. Too much noise is easy to disturb my sleeping roommates. As for the pattern, I've seen some respondents say it's not important, after all, there's basically a pattern of brushing. But what I want to say is that we all have different oral states, and we still need to try every mode to choose the most suitable mode according to our actual feelings. In addition to these requirements, we should also pay attention to the method of brushing (Pap brushing method) according to the lilac doctor: the core of brushing is only two words: lasting.

Users should choose a suitable electric toothbrush according to their age and dental condition. Children should choose a child electric toothbrush. If the user's teeth are more sensitive, the brush head with soft bristles can be selected to reduce damage to teeth and gums. Try to choose the products that provide a variety of working modes on the toothbrush. In the initial use, the strong working mode should not be used, but the soft working mode should be used to make the teeth have a period of adaptation. The selected brush head should not be too large, and the size of the user's mouth should be fully considered. If the brush head is too large, it is difficult to move flexibly in the mouth, and different positions of the teeth can not be fully cleaned.

When choosing, pay attention to the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush. Generally, the greater the vibration frequency of the product, the better the cleaning effect. However, relative to its noise and vibration in the hand will be stronger. Currently, electric toothbrushes have a nominal vibration of the sonic level, with a frequency of about 20,000 to 40,000 vibrations per minute. When buying an electric toothbrush in a physical store, you can hold the electric toothbrush to the maximum position to actually feel whether the working noise and vibration are acceptable. For some patients with gingivitis and periodontitis, try not to use work modes or products with high vibration frequency.

Pay attention to the battery capacity, charging time and other information. According to the use of conditions, use frequency to choose the appropriate products. If the charging equipment is not easy to be placed in the bathroom and the electric toothbrush needs to be placed in another place for charging, or the toothbrush is used frequently, the product with short charging time or long discharging time can be selected.

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