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Choosing Sonic or Rotating electric toothbrush?

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Studies have shown that both children and adults with electric toothbrushes can automatically extend the brushing time after using electric toothbrushes.The brushing time was positively correlated with the plaque removal effect.Electric toothbrushes can motivate patients to brush their teeth regularly.Brushing also has functions such as mode selection, and even some electric toothbrushes have Bluetooth function. Through mobile phone APP, the whole process of brushing teeth can be visually processed, and the means of brushing teeth and clocking in can be very inspiring.

It's a problem of the century, especially for the first time to choose an electric toothbrush.Let's start with their principles.Acoustic electric toothbrush: The vibration frequency of the bristles/head of the toothbrush is the same or close to the frequency of the sound wave. The ultra-high frequency vibration acts on the teeth so that in addition to the bristles cleaning, the vibration can remove the tartar and bacterial colonies between the teeth and the gums.The main representative brand is Philips. Many domestic electric toothbrushesare also acoustic.

Mechanical electric toothbrush: through the toothbrush head high speed back and forth vibration, rotation to clean every corner of the mouth, physical cleaning.

No need to clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush?Not ah, some electric toothbrush known as "ultrasonic", so that consumers mistakenly thought that bought an electric toothbrush will not need to clean teeth, in fact, the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush can not reach the "ultrasonic" level.Electric toothbrush is the use of high-speed vibration of the movement to drive the toothbrush head vibration, rotation.Because the frequency of vibration or rotation is good, the cleaning ability is better and more plaque can be removed.

Electric toothbrush can adjust its gear and brushing time according to its own habits, which is unmatched by manual toothbrush.Most people don't get the standard 3-5 minutes when they brush with a manual toothbrush.Electric toothbrush can be directly fixed brushing time, so that the mouth cleaning more in place.

Experienced electric toothbrush market grew hot trends and continuously improve product functionality, from battery changes to wireless inductive charging, from rough to high level in appearance, whether in appearance, efficacy, or experience in escalating, compared with the manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush, of the save Labour when the province is absolutely more efficient oral care tools.

With the development of electric toothbrushes over the years, some technical and good quality brands have gained more or less a reputation.When buying an electric toothbrush, you can choose your favorite brand from many big brands. It is also a good choice to purchase according to your budget.

Electric toothbrush motor is generally divided into ordinary motor and magnetic levitation motor.Ordinary motor is the most common motor in life. The vibration frequency of this motor is unstable, and it is easy to reduce the kinetic energy output with the decrease of electric quantity.Because of the low cost, it is usually used by some miscellaneous brands.Maglev motor is specially designed for electric toothbrush motor, not only vibration when the output power is relatively strong, but also can be durable, will not be reduced with the decrease of power and the growth of use time lead to output reduction.

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