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Common problems with electric toothbrushes

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Electric toothbrush not suitable for sensitive people? Fault. It's a common misconception: vibrating at that frequency is bound to be harder and more damaging than brushing my teeth manually. But in fact, if you look at the difference between the head of your manual toothbrush and the head of your electric toothbrush that you've been using for three months, is the manual toothbrush better at splitting? People who can't brush their teeth can't do it manually. The selection of sensitive people focuses on the bristles, and the requirements for electric toothbrush are indeed higher, so it is not artificial to ensure the protection of the gums and teeth, and the selection of electric toothbrush with sensitive gears. Can the gap between the teeth become big after electric toothbrush is used? If the gap between the teeth becomes larger after use, it is because the foreign matter between the teeth, calculus, etc., has been removed. It's like having a big gap between your teeth when you've just cleaned your teeth. If this feeling is very obvious, the oral condition is very bad, too many dental stones. More need to use electric toothbrush at ordinary times to clean in place, so as not to cause periodontal disease calculus.

To have good teeth, it is important to master the right dental care methods:

(1) Gargle after meals

② If you have conditions, you can rinse or pick your teeth. It is best to choose dental floss, which can effectively remove dental plaque

③ Brush your teeth at least once in the morning and at night, and brush your teeth to 5 sides + tongue surface. It is recommended to use a suitable electric toothbrush. The vibration frequency and bristles of electric toothbrush can help to clean the adjacent surface of teeth and effectively remove dental plaque

④ Go to the hospital for dental cleaning 1-2 times a year

Use your electric toothbrush just like you would with normal brushing. Combine the electric movement with normal brushing and move slowly. The electric toothbrush I use has a timer that tells you every 30 seconds or so that you need to move the head of the toothbrush to a different position, one on the left, one on the right. Electric toothbrush does not feel used to use at the beginning, this is very normal, used to use the toothbrush, then brush my teeth, I am not used to. The cleaning effect is still very good, one week does make teeth color whitening effect, clean brush, can also effectively eliminate bad breath. My electric toothbrush has several gears, such as cleaning, whitening, polishing, sensitive and so on. The degree of vibration is also decreasing successively. Now I have been using sensitive gears with the smallest vibration amplitude, which will cause less side effects and damage to teeth. Electric toothbrush, really quite good, I hope you get used to it, it will feel more and more comfortable.The audience question about electric toothbrush. It's fair to say that electric toothbrushes were originally designed for people who could not easily use a manual toothbrush, but numerous studies have shown that they are actually more efficient than manual toothbrushes. So now it has been very well promoted.

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