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Do I need dental floss to use electric toothbrush?

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Why do we brush and floss our teeth? Roughly speaking, tooth decay bacteria + food residue = bad breath, tooth decay bacteria + food residue + time = pigmentary tooth decay bacteria = food residue + dental groove + time = tooth decay bacteria/food residue + groove between tooth and gum + time = calculus → gingivitis → periodontitis. Brushing is to remove food debris, soft dirt, and plaque, and to prevent dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. At the same time, it can also reduce the exogenous tooth coloring caused by drinking tea and coffee. However, tooth decay bacteria not only live on the surface of teeth, but also hide in the gaps between teeth. So, when we clean our teeth, we not only need to think about the surface of the teeth, but we also need to clean the gaps between the teeth, and floss is a tool for cleaning the gaps between the teeth. Traditional tooth cleaning tools: Regular toothbrush + floss (regular toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth, floss cleans the gaps) labor-saving tooth cleaning tools, electric toothbrush+ dental silk (electric toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth, floss cleans the gaps) First, conclusion: If used correctly, traditional cleaning tools do not need to use labor-saving versions and can save money. If you can't or don't want to use traditional tools, use a labor-saving version that costs a little money but saves a lot of effort. electronic toothbrush can replace ordinary toothbrush; But water floss doesn't completely replace floss, it only saves half the effort. 2. Regular toothbrush vs. electronic toothbrush "All roads lead to Rome". Regular and electronic toothbrush are like different roads to the same destination. Everyone can get there eventually, but some people prefer to fly, while others prefer to take the train. The same goes for electric toothbrush manufacturer. 1. Regular toothbrushes work just as well as electric ones. Despite authoritative systematic review studies [1], we have analyzed the brushing effectiveness of 4,624 subjects in 51 randomized clinical controlled trials and found that electric toothbrush manufacturer can reduce plaque by 11% to 21% more and gingivitis by 6% to 11% more than manual brushing. However, the article also notes that seven different types of electric toothbrush manufacturer have different results for removing plaque. Because of the effectiveness of the electric toothbrush factory, it is also related to a number of factors such as the design of the brush head, the arrangement of the brush wires, shape, flexibility and size. In other words, although electric toothbrush factory are more efficient overall, not all models are. There are so many types and models of electric toothbrush factory on the market today, and not every one of them is better than a regular toothbrush. In addition, both regular and sonic toothbrush manufacturer are effective at removing plaque, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Since they are all effective, we are used to using ordinary toothbrushes. Instead of worrying about whether to replace your sonic toothbrush manufacturer, research the proper way to brush your teeth. After all, there is overwhelming evidence that brushing removes plaque, reduces gingivitis, and prevents cavities and periodontal disease from occurring. These, whether regular or sonic toothbrush manufacturer, are effective. But only if you brush your teeth properly. Key points: Reliable quality sonic toothbrush factory = regular toothbrush + pasteurized brushing method/horizontal vibration brushing method. 2 What is the correct brushing technique, Pasteurization: An effective method of brushing recommended by the American Dental Association. Main points: sonic toothbrush factory with a small amplitude of horizontal vibration to gum and teeth and gum junction at a 45 degree Angle brushing horizontal vibration brushing method: also known as improved pasteurization brushing method, recommended by the Chinese Dental Association. To be honest, learning the proper way to brush your teeth is not difficult. The difficulty lies in day-to-day perseverance, because it greatly challenges human laziness. When we can't keep it up, the advantage of electric toothbrush wholesale comes to the fore. 3. Advantages and disadvantages of ordinary toothbrush and electric toothbrush wholesale Whether ordinary toothbrush or electric toothbrush wholesale, are advantages and disadvantages, there is no absolute advantage. We can use either, it's all up to personal preference. First, in general, compared to manual toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush wholesale have higher cleaning results, greater ease of use, less tooth wear, higher safety - in short, they're all good! However, one thing we need to note is that both manual and electric brushing can effectively clean the internal and external surfaces of teeth as well as the occlusal surfaces. But when it comes to the space between teeth, the cleaning ability is greatly affected. This is despite the fact that sonic toothbrush wholesale can break down toothpaste into foam molecules and effectively clean the gaps between teeth according to the flow of cleaning power. However, the adjacent surfaces between the teeth are weak. Floss is there to clean the gaps between your teeth. Therefore, an sonic toothbrush wholesale + floss is needed to clean teeth in all directions. All you have is an electric toothbrush agency, and that's not enough. Can an electric toothbrush agency replace flossing and cleaning? No, they have different functions. Brushing teeth is a treatment to prevent oral diseases. It can remove calculus and prevent periodontal disease. The doctor recommends having your teeth cleaned twice a year. Floss is a better overall cleaner than an sonic toothbrush agency. Compared to a regular toothbrush, the sonic toothbrush agency. is just a comprehensive upgrade and can remove up to 70 percent plaque. At the same time, brushing is less effort, more comfortable, and cleans better, but only the lips and tongue of the teeth. Floss, on the other hand, provides a deep clean of plaque, soft dirt, and food debris between your teeth. In order to protect oral health more effectively, the three complement each other. Therefore, we should always choose an electric toothbrush dealer suitable for our own use, floss occasionally, and clean our teeth regularly twice a year, so as to have a good oral environment. The choice of electric toothbrush dealer is based on the core elements of the electric toothbrush dealer (commonly known as the five-step method). The first step is to look at the overall cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush dealer. The second step is to carefully choose the head of the sonic toothbrush dealer. The third step is to choose the vibration frequency suitable for your own use. Fourth, choose a sonic toothbrush dealer with good battery life and suitable for your scene. Step five is to choose a sonic toothbrush dealer. Finally, there are some other small issues and practical experience. We found the electric toothbrush trader, which is really easy to use, relatively speaking. Not only does it free up some work for the hands, but it helps to better clean the teeth and protect the gums. Choosing teeth is a gift in the long run. It is enough to combine the analysis with a few key points. There is no perfect product, only a relatively suitable product for you. It is not difficult to choose according to brushing needs and your price budget, enough dry goods ~ maintenance of electric toothbrush trader: replace the brush head every three months, preferably four brush heads every year, to maintain the elasticity of the bristles. After each use of a sonic toothbrush trader, you should splash the water off the sonic toothbrush trader and place the sonic toothbrush trader head up in a cup. It must be placed in a dry and ventilated environment. The key to choosing a toothpaste is to choose the packaging of fluoride toothpaste, which will indicate its fluoride concentration. In theory, concentrations above 0.1% have a relatively positive anti-caries effect. Correct interpretation of electric toothbrush company whitening function: toothbrush whitening function is effective for teeth containing pigments such as tea, friends with mild periodontal disease can buy mouthwash to improve. Floss can remove any remaining stains between your teeth. To a large extent, it helps alleviate the deposition of dental stones. Yellow stuff on the teeth, which is calculus: Some people ask, can't we have electric toothbrushes? Why do we need to add an extra floss? This is because an electric toothbrush cleans the surface of your teeth despite its high frequency of vibration. However, it is difficult to remove residual debris and plaque deep in the teeth and between the gaps through the bristles of a toothbrush. This is one of the reasons why many people still have calculus after using electric toothbrush company. For example: eat lean meat and plug the gaps between your teeth. No matter how much you use an electric toothbrush company, you won't be able to brush out the food debris between your teeth. However, by gently pulling down, the floss slips through the gap between the teeth and pulls out the debris stuck between the teeth. Someone said, can't I use a toothpick instead? But toothpicks can easily remove cavities and interdental gaps over time. So, is looking at thick floss and the friction between your teeth safer and more effective than toothpicks? First, let's look at the two forms of floss. One type is public threads. Because floss is soft and usually made of nylon, silk or polyester thread, it does not feel painful when entering the teeth and causes minimal friction damage to the teeth. Wrap the thread in your fingers and rub it back and forth between your teeth. It's relatively free. The other is a floss stick. Its floss is flat and thinner than round floss, which is easier to get between the teeth. It's also convenient to rub back and forth. You can choose any one according to your needs. Not only do you need to floss when you wear braces, but normal teeth also need to floss to assist in daily cleaning. Its division of labor with the electric toothbrush company is: electric toothbrush company - morning and evening use sonic toothbrush company to clean teeth. Floss - Use floss after meals to clean food debris and plaque between your teeth. This way, with the basic cleaning of a sonic toothbrush company and the assisted cleaning of floss, oral hygiene will be cleaner. Can a person with periodontal disease use a sonic toothbrush company? Which is better for periodontal disease control, water floss or traditional floss? It depends on how serious you are. In fact, as my own dentist told me, whether it's a sonic toothbrush company or a regular toothbrush, as long as you use the proper brushing method and brush carefully, you can protect your teeth well. At present, the most recognized method of brushing is Pasteur brushing. If you are not familiar with it, you can search for related videos on Zhihu or other apps. There are many instructional videos on how to brush your teeth. For example, my own periodontal tissue is more sensitive. I prefer a regular toothbrush to an electric one. Power and time can be controlled by oneself, and more gently. I've used an electric toothbrush supplier before, but I don't know if my technique is a little wrong. The shaking made me a little nervous, and I broke my gums. That's why I don't really use an electric toothbrush supplier. I insist on using a manual toothbrush for at least 3-5 minutes at a time. As for whether to use regular floss or water floss, my recommendation is a mix of both. I think they go hand in hand. Water flossing can effectively clean the gaps between teeth, and regular flossing can be used to clean a wider area. My experience using it is that I feel very clean brushing, but water floss still removes some food debris. I thought water floss was already clean, but using regular pressure floss deep in the gums can sometimes bring some stubborn "food debris" from between the teeth. Let's combine the two. They can definitely take care of periodontal and dental health. In fact, electric toothbrush supplier, dental flushers, and floss go together, and it doesn't get much better than that. Generally speaking, sonic toothbrush supplier are used for daily cleaning. The combination of dental punch and floss provides a deep cleaning of the mouth and is also good for gum health. Only in the plaque clearance survey, electric toothbrush vendor were far more efficient than manual sonic toothbrush vendor when using the same brushing method. Orthodontics and periodontal professionals will pay more attention to this. After all, various orthodontic accessories and calculus are important factors leading to plaque accumulation and disease, and related literature at home and abroad has been widely reported. Most studies are based on changes in plaque clearance before and after brushing, as well as long-term observations of plaque volume and periodontal correlation index. Therefore, there is no doubt that electric toothbrush bulk are higher than manual sonic electric toothbrush  in terms of plaque index, the gold standard of evaluation. This should be the consensus in the industry. In fact, kids electric toothbrush provide more functions to help users better maintain good brushing habits (such as brushing method and time) and change brushing utensils more rationally, which will improve the overall efficiency of plaque cleaning to some extent.


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