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Do I really need an electric toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrushes are necessary.The factor is straightforward: According to the agreement of the World Health Company as well as national oral associations, hand-operated sonic electric toothbrush need to be combed for at least 5 minutes using the Pap method.Regardless of how many people can do the Pap method sonic toothbrush, I would bet that 10 packages of immediate noodles are less than 5% of those who can clean their teeth for 5 mins toothbrushes electric on a normal day.An electrical toothbrush takes two mins to tidy effectively and is cleaner than a hands-on toothbrush.

I don't believe so. Possibly an electric tooth brush isn't excellent worth for cash. If you're making use of an sonic toothbrush factory because you want to lighten your teeth, then I believe it's an IQ tax.I assume one of the most beneficial feature of an electric tooth brush is that it conserves effort.Brushing your very own teeth is truly very tired, especially the quest of electric toothbrush brush for 3 minutes, keep the hand has been up and down the state of brushing is difficult, a careless might clean sonic toothbrush  horizontally.Brushing your teeth sideways hurts your teeth. I know a guy who use sonic toothbrush factory brushes his teeth sideways and also uses a lot of pressure, which leads to bad teeth.An electrical tooth brush is advised for deep cleansing of tooth gaps and plaque. It lasts a long period of time on a solitary charge as well as appropriates for careless people.And, the electrical toothbrush cleansing force is more powerful than hand-operated brushing, the strength is also very uniform, extremely risk-free and effective.The use of electric toothbrush has been more than three months, the teeth really visible to the naked eye white up!When I used the toothbrushes electric at that time, I had quit smoking for three months. Although the smoke stains on my teeth did not deepen, they did not decrease, which made me very upset.Because each bunch of electric toothbrush bristles will be more close to the surface of the teeth, the super brush can better clean the teeth, so every time after sonic toothbrush factory brushing the teeth, the teeth have a wonderful feeling, just like the one after each cleaning, the teeth feel very clean and comfortable, with the use of the electric toothbrush wholesale, there may even be tooth stones fall off.

No harm is the first sonic electric toothbrush or cause wear and tear of the teeth, gum damage, not because of brushing the teeth but electric toothbrush wholesale the problem.Because brushing your teeth incorrectly can really cause wear and tear on your teeth and gums.

1. First of all, the type of sonic toothbrush manufacturer: electric toothbrush is now mainly acoustic wave and mechanical rotation (not rotation) two types, of which the acoustic wave is the mainstream, because some doctors did observe that the mechanical rotation of electric toothbrush will cause tooth wear, especially when used incorrectly.At present only its individual manufacturers are still insisting on the production of machinery cyclotron type electric toothbrush wholesale.2. Look at the bristles: bristles are actually the most insignificant but the most important factor of the toothbrushes electric. The sonic toothbrush  bristles should not be too soft, because the cleaning efficiency is low if the bristles are too soft.Can not be too hard, too hard will hurt.DuPont yarn is the representative product of high quality nylon yarn, thick from top to bottom, round from top to bottom, strong, wear-resistant and clean.In fact, sonic electric toothbrush electric toothbrush wholesale DuPont bristles are mainly used in Europe and the United States. In addition, another kind of brush is Doris. sonic toothbrush manufacturer DuPont bristles have a relatively high cost and are also the material of most high-end sonic electric toothbrush.By the way, after dental implant, tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, there is a special super soft periodontal electric toothbrush, can brush the operative area, this time to use the periodontal toothbrush.3. Look at the rounding rate of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush and the rounding rate of the sonic toothbrush wholesale brush head is also one of the important indicators. The rounding treatment can reduce the damage of the tip of the brush hair.

see the sonic toothbrush  head, big head or small head, this is a problem.Electric toothbrush brush head is bigger, the coverage area is large, brushing "efficiency" is high, but the edge of the teeth corner locust corner may not brush, the result is often brushed white sonic toothbrush wholesale brush.The smaller the electric toothbrush head, the finer the cleaning, and the higher the "quality" of the brushing, but it may have taken two to three minutes to sweep the mouth, and it turns out to take five minutes to brush, and doctors know that for most people, one minute may be too long.So the choice of the electric toothbrush head should follow a principle: try to choose a small head, but also not too small that the right small head is how small?Compare your teeth.

After looking at the head of the electric toothbrush factory, look at the bristles of the electric toothbrush. It is also a problem to see whether the bristles of the electric toothbrush are hard or soft.The bristles of the electric toothbrush are too hard and the cleaning "efficiency" is high, but it is easy to damage the teeth and gums.The softer the bristles of an electric toothbrush, the better for tooth protection, but it is not easy to clean the plaque that is tightly attached to the tooth surface.So, electric toothbrush choose big head or small head, sonic toothbrush  choose hard bristles or soft bristles also have a "egg pain" choice: electric toothbrush factory as far as possible to choose soft bristles, but also don't be too soft, how soft is the appropriate degree of softness?he used other sonic electric toothbrush a long time ago. If he brushed the back teeth, the brush head would vibrate all over. It would be very uncomfortable to touch the teeth and the rapid vibration would knock the whole head buzzing.But my electric tooth brush, not only does not have that uncomfortable feeling, but it can also clean the teeth!Moreover, the appearance level of this sonic toothbrush  is very excellent, the texture in the hand is very good, the frosted feel is waterproof, very high-end atmosphere, the noise is very small after opening, when idling, you can see it vibrates very fast!Two electric toothbrushes have been perfect for half an hour before bed, because they are both acoustic rotating double power, soft and efficient without knocking teeth.We both brush our phones while brushing our teeth with kids electric toothbrush before going to bed every day, which can completely clean our teeth without affecting our precious entertainment time.If you have the same needs, remember to buy it.

I believe (face covering, in fact, is a deep experience) for many parents with children, should be very familiar with (fear) every day serving children with an electric tooth brush to brush their teeth and eat, it is dying, no less than the supervision of homework psychological destruction (2-3 years old,Of course, when he was older, he didn't have to worry too much about eating and brushing his teeth. He didn't have to eat or brush his teeth for a variety of reasons, and finally coaxed him to brush his teeth with an sonic toothbrush . His actions were not standard and he didn't have enough time.For why choose electric toothbrush, the following article has been introduced in detail :(parents can also refer to the recommendation at the end of the article, to buy a suitable electric toothbrush for themselves) Which brand of kids electric toothbrush is good?Why use an electric toothbrush?How to choose cost-effective electric toothbrush?

Ordinary toothbrush knows the pap brush method, sonic toothbrush  brush your teeth, but many people feel unable to compete as brushing your teeth, can be in accordance with the manual and electric toothbrush must have its similar has its different again, rotary electric toothbrush points with sonic type here is sonic electric toothbrush to demonstrate sound waves of high frequency vibration of the tooth brush head can instantly be toothpaste into fine bubbles, Deep cleaning between teeth while vibrating can promote oral blood circulation .

1. With a  kids electric toothbrush, soak the head of the brush in warm water (even cold water is fine) before use to soften the bristles for sensitive teeth.

2. Squeeze proper amount of toothpaste into the toothbrush head, and put the  sonic toothbrush  into the mouth before starting to avoid toothpaste splashing

3. Adjust the suitable dental cleaning mode, generally starting from the sensitive mode (soft mode)

4. Divide the teeth into 4 areas: upper left, lower left, lower right, upper right and lower right. Clean the surface of the upper left teeth, and move slowly at an Angle of 45 degrees, aiming at the gingival groove, ensuring that the electronic toothbrush stays on each tooth for 2-3 seconds.

5. After brushing teeth, put the electric toothbrush head in water, turn on the electric switch and gently shake it for a few times to remove the foreign matter and toothpaste left on the bristles for daily maintenance: Fully charge the sonic toothbrush  as often as possible before using it. Each time, the electronic toothbrush should be fully charged for the time marked on the product. Do not put the sonic toothbrush wholesale in a high temperature place or a long time of exposure to the sun.

In choosing electric toothbrush, we are willing to spend more money for quality, but we also pursue cost performance. Brush head: the bristles are hard and easy to damage the enamel and gums, so a small brush head that can adapt to different mouth shapes should be selected, and the  sonic toothbrush bristles should be soft and thin. Now DuPont round bristles are very acceptable. sonic toothbrush wholesale Vibration frequency: the higher the vibration is, the better, but the lower it is, the sonic toothbrush cleaning intensity is not enough. The detection proves that the amplitude of 31000 times/min is constant and falls on the golden triangle 3.  sonic toothbrush Mode: under normal circumstances, the three modes of high, medium and low electric toothbrush manufacturer can meet the needs of most people's teeth, but too many fancy modes are not practical. Charging: frequent charging is not convenient, a certain battery life is preferred.

so choose the electric tooth brush can choose a rounded tip.One drawback to this method is that you may need a magnifying glass to see the tip of the brush.So in the future, if you see someone with a magnifying glass in the toothbrushes electric aisle of the supermarket, don't think they're crazy.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you need to replace an electric toothbrush head at least 3 to 4 months. This is because the bristles of the electric toothbrush manufacturer will wear out and deform with use, which will reduce the effectiveness of brushing.In fact, it is not necessary to stick to the standard for 3 months. Some people brush their teeth especially hard, feeling like a pot brush. It is not a good habit to wear the toothbrushes electric very much.So the standard of replacing an electric toothbrush is: first of all, we should follow the basic standard of replacing every 3 to 4 months.Secondly, if you find that the toothbrushes electric bristles are out of shape, large area of bending or the color of the brush bristles become pale, then immediately change it, you do not change, electric toothbrush manufacturer itself are fried hair.

The cleaning capability of the electric tooth brush is the essence of the acoustic wave electrical toothbrush cleaning.The speed of vibration frequency stands for the level of cleansing effectiveness to a specific degree.( Acoustic wave electric toothbrush factory is unclean with acoustic wave, but with acoustic wave vibration spread to the bristles on the shock) as well as the sonic toothbrush wholesale bristle vibration amplitude, as well low cleansing performance is absolutely not good, but too expensive and also there is no use.Because the electric tooth brush bristles in the electric toothbrush manufacturer usage procedure against the tooth surface, with empty shock is completely two various things.Really clean impact just how, still wish to rely on electric toothbrush usage really.


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