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Do You Use Electric Toothbrush Correctly?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site

1. For the electric one, you just need to stick it on the tooth surface and don't move your hand any more?Or do you have to brush up and down like a manual toothbrush?Just hold the brush close to the surface of the tooth, then move the brush slowly so that the bristles cover each tooth.2. How to control the force?There are reports that rotating electric toothbrushes can cause tooth surface damage. What about sound waves?Just let the bristles rest lightly against your teeth. Electric toothbrushes vibrate fast enough so you don't need to press hard on the bristles.The important thing is to clean it to the right place.3. What are the angles and directions?What about a forty-five degree tilt?The 45-degree tilt is based on pasteurization, which focuses on the location of the gum creasm.Specific can see this answer: how should electric toothbrush brush your teeth?4. Should you open your mouth slightly or hold it?Slightly open, fully contained brush handle easy to touch the teeth, there will be discomfort.Try it a few times and you'll get it.5. How to avoid splashing when brushing?I believe the topic now has no such problems, generally after a few days, can avoid this situation.6. Do you need to wash your tongue?Tongue coating needs to be cleaned, suggest to buy a tongue coating brush.Use a electric toothbrush to clean the tongue coating, the first pair of tongue coating will have damage (the electric toothbrush bristles can not be very fine and soft, will be a little harder than the lion's soft toothbrush, to ensure the cleaning effect), the second bacteria are easy to stay on the bristles.I hope I can help you.

First of all, the frequency of electric toothbrush brushing is much higher than the hand brushing, so when choosing toothpaste, we should try to use those very fine particles, neutral soft toothpaste, to avoid excessive friction on the teeth and gums caused permanent damage.Secondly, the amount of toothpaste does not need too much. The amount of toothpaste used for one-time brushing is kept in as much as peanut kernel. When the electric toothbrush is placed on the teeth, then the electric toothbrush button is opened to avoid splashing the toothpaste.Finally, pay attention to the brushing sequence. First clean the outer sides of the teeth. Hold the electric toothbrush horizontally along the gum line and hold it on each tooth for a few seconds.Secondly, clean the inner side of the teeth, move along the inner side of the teeth, and stay more in the inner side of the lower front teeth, which is easy to form dental stones.Next, clean the chewing surfaces of the teeth, again for a few seconds;Clean the back of the post-molars, where bacteria are most likely to accumulate.Finally, clean the incisors. The incisors are the most important part of our dental quality.General electric toothbrushes have the function of timing, brushing time is best for about 2 minutes.

I once thought, since the electric toothbrush cleaning force is so good, then brush hard, brush hard, immediately can white!The result is a little bit of blood every now and then.After listening to the doctor friend's advice, I know that excessive force when brushing teeth is the damage to the tooth surface and gums, so whether it is electric toothbrush or traditional toothbrush, you must remember: moderate force when brushing!

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