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Do cheap electric toothbrush work?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-29      Origin: Site

Do cheap electric toothbrush work? Can the electric toothbrush of 30 yuan or so on day cat be used, can cheap electric toothbrush be harmful?

An electric toothbrush can be roughly divided into brush head, brush hair, brush neck, brush handle these four parts, electric toothbrush in addition to these points should pay extra attention to cleaning ability, endurance and other aspects. Whether manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush, the design and quality of toothbrush head are the key to evaluate the quality of electric toothbrush. A good brush head should be able to rotate flexibly in the mouth and easily penetrate into corners that are not easy to clean. First, brush head size and shape should be moderate. For most people, choosing a toothbrush with the right length and head will help your electric toothbrush get the most out of cleaning. How long is appropriate? The brush head should be 2-2.5 times the length of your front teeth, which is a good size (unless you have a big mouth). Second, round or oval brush head is more convenient. Besides size, the shape of the brush head is also critical. The shape of the brush head is also the easiest to observe when choosing a toothbrush. Different brush head shape characteristics result in different cleaning ability of electric toothbrush.

Round (oval) electric toothbrush brush head is generally small (diameter less than 2cm), some people may think the first reaction is "children's electric toothbrush", and do not buy. In fact, according to the standard of good brush head mentioned above, the smaller the brush head, the easier it is to penetrate into the small corners, so as to effectively clean wisdom teeth and teeth that are not aligned. The downside of using a small, round-headed manual toothbrush is that it takes a long time to brush and tests your patience. Of course, there is no such trouble with electric toothbrush, so electric toothbrush is commonly used in this kind of brush head.

The bristles are the part of the electric toothbrush that actually comes in contact with the teeth to clean, so the quality of the bristles is crucial for the electric toothbrush. A good bristle should be soft, resilient, and wear resistant so that it can fully penetrate the gingival groove to remove plaque. In terms of hardness, there are three kinds of bristles: hard, medium and soft.

The elasticity of the neck of a good electric toothbrush is also extremely important. The toothbrush neck is just like the shock absorber of a car. The surface of our teeth is uneven, just like the uneven road surface. The flexible neck will absorb the pressure when brushing, so that the electric toothbrush can avoid the situation of hitting hard when brushing the protruding part and prevent excessive stimulation of gums. The silicone layer of the electric toothbrush head is designed to absorb shock and cushion the stimulation of the gums. On the other hand, it is convenient for the brush head to penetrate into the mouth for comprehensive cleaning.

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