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Do sonic toothbrushes make a difference?

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If you feel as if you're being mercilessly whipped with an sonic toothbrush , it must be hard and you need a soft one.Of course, in addition to the body to try "hair", there is another way to observe the tip of the electric toothbrush, relative to the flat head, sonic toothbrush pointed bristles, the mechanical damage of the round head bristles on the gums is smaller, so choose the sonic electric toothbrush can choose a rounded tip.One drawback to this method is that you may need a magnifying glass to see the tip of the sonic toothbrush.So in the future, if you see someone with a magnifying glass in the  toothbrushes electric  aisle of the supermarket, don't think they're crazy.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you need to replace a sonic toothbrush wholesale head at least 3 to 4 months. This is because the bristles of the electric toothbrush will wear out and deform with use, which will reduce the effectiveness of brushing.In fact, it is not necessary to stick to the standard for 3 months. Some people brush their teeth especially hard, feeling like a pot brush. It is not a good habit to wear the sonic electric toothbrush very much.So the standard of replacing an electric toothbrush is: first of all, we should follow the basic standard of replacing every 3 to 4 months.Secondly, if you find that the electric toothbrush bristles are out of shape, large area of bending or the color of the electric toothbrush wholesale bristles become pale, then immediately change it, you do not change, electric toothbrush itself are fried hair.

Electric toothbrush is nothing magical, in the final analysis it is a toothbrush, so the ugly word said in the front - all hope to rely on electric toothbrush to remove very stubborn dental plaque, completely solve the problem of dental caries, make teeth white bright ideas are playing rogue!

The principle of the electronic toothbrush is also very simple. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement, the sonic toothbrush brush head generates high frequency vibration, which instantly dissolves the toothpaste into fine foam and cleaves the teeth deeply. At the same time, the vibration of the sonic toothbrush brush hair can promote the blood circulation in the oral cavity and has a massage effect on the gingival tissue.

Then again, if it's just sonic electric toothbrush, why is it worth paying N times the price of a regular toothbrush?Actually on the principle of 'part has been reflected, rely on the high-speed rotation of the rotor, electric toothbrush manufacturer can simply and effectively remove adhere to the teeth surface of teeth, do have teeth clean, the whitening effect, it is worth mentioning that sonic toothbrush brushing their teeth brushing your teeth is the most correct way pap method, the operation difficulty, you can baiduThe only feeling you have after watching it is that you can't brush your teeth...The electric toothbrush eliminates this worry by pressing the  toothbrushes electric  against your teeth and moving it from side to side to act like a Pap brush, which proves the wisdom that the history of technology is a history of human degradation by becoming lazy.

Before we can compare the effectiveness of an kids electric toothbrush with a regular toothbrush, we need to define the criteria for effectiveness.What exactly is effective sonic toothbrush ?- the main effect is to see the actual effect, electric toothbrush factory is, can maximize the realization of tooth beauty on the premise of protecting dental health.Generally speaking, it can be evaluated from the following points:

Whether electric toothbrush wholesale it is the internationally famous "Barr's brushing method" or the Chinese doctor recommended "horizontal vibration brushing method", summarize the correct brushing way, its main points include the following points:"Slight horizontal tremor", "turn the sonic toothbrush brush after 6-8 times", "gently pressurized horizontal tremor", "amplitude not more than 2 teeth at a time", etc., for the teeth bite surface.1.Expect sonic electric toothbrush  ,Plain toothbrush: The perfect way to brush is hard to come by.

I have tried sonic toothbrush myself, using the Pap method with an ordinary toothbrush.But the experiment proved that it was too difficult to handle a normal sonic toothbrush by hand. Holding the brush in the palm of your hand over two teeth, you had to balance the light vibration, the Angle, the amplitude...This I am not a robot, a 2 minutes brush your teeth experience down, "Pasteur brush your teeth" have no idea of use, but really tired hands!2. sonic toothbrush wholesale: mainstream rotating vibration, acoustic wave brush two ways, some products with both intelligent matching.

The most important purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque.Plaques can eat away at the surface of the teeth, leading to tooth decay. Long-term adherence to the teeth can also lead to problems such as gingivitis.So brushing your teeth is a skill.It doesn't care if your hands are hard enough or if you change the head of your sonic toothbrush manufacturer enough.Whether you have a single 16 years of wrist strength, or t toothbrushes electric  head pattern collection fetish.Are useless.Brushing is about two words: lasting.

This is the standard posture as defined by the American Dental Association's approved "Pap Brushing Method."In other words, the best way to clean your mouth is to brush your teeth this way every day.However, for most young people.Brushing teeth like this every day, good trouble ah, so in order to protect the human oral cavity, at the same time to treat the human "lazy cancer",electronic toothbrush was born.At present, there are mainly two kinds of mainstream sonic toothbrush wholesale: rotary vibration sonic electric toothbrush: the brush head is named after the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation at high speed;Acoustic wave type electric toothbrush: not be to come with acoustic wave clean, just its movement frequency (every second above 260 times) be in person ear can hear inside range and get a name.In fact, from the working principle, the working mode of  toothbrushes electric , manual toothbrush in any case can not reach.The rotating vibrating kids electric toothbrush is like an automatic car wash, which is equivalent to a quick brush around the teeth in all directions;The acoustic wave electronic toothbrush, although the use is similar to the manual, but its scrub range and frequency are much larger than the manual.As for the effect of brushing, according to several studies, electric toothbrushes have a significant advantage, with 21% less plaque and 11% less gingivitis after three months than those who use manual toothbrushes.

Several points that affect the user experience of electric toothbrush are roughly as follows: (1) Cleaning effectiveness.Traditional sonic electric toothbrush vibrate the bristles only by vibrating the head.The direction of vibration is relatively single, and leads to the brush head kowtowing teeth. This vibration is effectively introduced into the inner ear through bone conduction, and the head buzzes when brushing.Also, be sure to turn off the kids electric toothbrush first and take the head out of your mouth, or you'll get foam all over the place (don't ask me why I know that).(2) the vibration intensity exceeds the gingival tolerance.The bristles and the brush head are often rigidly connected, and vibrations are transmitted directly to the gums, leading to uncomfortable brushing and even significant pain.(3) Insufficient range.If you had to charge kids electric toothbrush every few days, you probably wouldn't want to bring it with you on a business trip.(4) strength just fierce.It is easy to dissuade novices because of pain and lack of gradual and progressive mode transition.

Choose electric toothbrush to see two points, first look at the head, and then look at the hair, is to see the electric toothbrush manufacturer head, big head or small head, this is a problem.Electric toothbrush brush head is bigger, the coverage area is large, brushing "efficiency" is high, but the edge of the teeth corner locust corner may not brush, the result is often brushed white brush.The smaller the sonic electric toothbrush head, the finer the cleaning, and the higher the "quality" of the brushing, but it may have taken two to three minutes to sweep the mouth, and it turns out to take five minutes to brush, and doctors know that for most people, one minute may be too long.So the choice of the electric toothbrush head should follow a principle: try to choose a small  toothbrushes electric  head, but also not too small that the right small head is how small?Compare your teeth.

rotary vibration kids electric toothbrush rotary vibration is similar to the working principle of a washing machine,sonic toothbrush factory is around our teeth in all directions through rapid clockwise and counterclockwise repeated rotation to scrub, some models will have the entire brush head before and after the shock.This brushing mode can indeed achieve the correct brushing method of "slight horizontal vibration" of the teeth to a certain extent, but the rotary vibration brushing method, the sonic electric toothbrush  design needs to be within a reasonable pressure range, otherwise not only on the enamel wear is relatively large, but also will frequently knock teeth, mouth shaking phenomenon.

I think in life, we all have the third situation.Like me, usually brush your teeth really perfunctory, have a class in the morning to get up in a hurry, brush your teeth time can be saved on the province, and then used in makeup, or is a minute after comfort themselves, enough time, two minutes, or because of hand acid, do not brush.But with an sonic electric toothbrush, there is a timing function, to the time, is to know, and the electric toothbrush manufacturer is their own move, effortless.So, the answer to this question, for me, is that the electric toothbrush factory is actually more effective than the manual toothbrush, and I think it is more time and effort saving and efficient solution to my brushing problem!The combination of the two combined rotating vibration and acoustic wave of both advantages, on the basis of the electronic toothbrush category also has a comprehensive brushing mode of electric toothbrush, clean teeth at the same time can also avoid tooth damage.The bristles of the electronic toothbrush are too hard and the cleaning "efficiency" is high, but it is easy to damage the teeth and gums.The softer the bristles of an electric toothbrush wholesale, the better for tooth protection, but it is not easy to clean the plaque that is tightly attached to the tooth surface.So, electric toothbrush choose big head or small head, sonic toothbrush manufacturer choose hard bristles or soft bristles also have a "egg pain" choice: kids electric toothbrush as far as possible to choose soft bristles, but also don't be too soft, how soft is the appropriate degree of softness?

There is no best electric toothbrush, only the most appropriate electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush to choose the right can get twice the result with half the effort, the wrong choice will be counterproductive. Brush method is actually the same thing.

"Improper or unsuitable electric toothbrush factory brushing method for one's own oral condition not only cannot achieve good oral hygiene, but also may cause damage to hard and soft oral tissues." Therefore, Bass brushing is correct, scientific and good for teeth.This sonic toothbrush factory itself is rather lax and irresponsible.

Modified Bass brushing is now widely accepted. However, it should be noted that modified Bass brushing is not always good, and toothbrushes electric vibrating motion can cause bruising and receding of thin biofabrous gums.This is why, you can see sonic toothbrush factory on the website, even website, some friends said that their teeth brushing (especially with the use of electric toothbrush) brush gum atrophy, this is a scientific source.Bass isn't the only way to brush your teeth, but it's an improved version that's now the most famous.

Is there any special requirement for the method of using the electric toothbrush?Do sonic electric toothbrush cause receding gums?However, manual brushing may be more serious because of the strong power. Many people are worried that the high speed rotating and vibrating electric tooth brush brush head will damage the tooth flesh, especially some people with gingivitis and periodontitis. They do have the phenomenon of bleeding gums by electric tooth brush, and even observed the phenomenon of gingival recessionary.Naturally, people worry that using an sonic electric toothbrush will recede their gums.When you change the brush head every 3 months, compared with the traditional toothbrush, the electric toothbrush manufacturer does have many advantages.The reciprocating vibration of the electric tooth brush brush head, rotation (high-grade also supplemented by acoustic vibration) and other forms of movement, can make up for a lot of people are not correct way of brushing.But the use of electric toothbrush is not equal to "once and for all", but also need to correct brushing methods, in order to really prevent the occurrence of oral diseases.When using an electric toothbrush, attention should be paid to the following aspects: first, try to use a small brush head, so that electric tooth brush can go deep into the mouth to clean the back teeth;Second, because of the forced rotation and vibration of the sonic electric toothbrush, its force is far greater than the ordinary toothbrush.Therefore, brush your teeth to reduce the strength of 60% than the use of ordinary toothbrush, in order to avoid excessive force on the teeth and gums caused damage;Third, ensure at least 2 minutes of brushing time, and let each row of teeth inside, outside and occlusal surface are effectively clean, especially the lower tongue surface, using sonic toothbrush wholesale the most difficult to clean and easy to be omitted, we must consciously clean to;Fourth, electric tooth brush every 3 months to replace the new brush head.


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