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Do you brush back and forth with electric toothbrush?

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Electric tooth brushes tidy far better than regular sonic toothbrush  and are a number of times extra effective at removing plaque. The high frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush can break down the tooth paste right into fine foam, to attain the cleaning result! And easy to use sonic toothbrush , save effort and time. There are even premium electrical tooth brushes that utilize wise chips to protect your gums and also teeth, aiding you develop proper cleaning routines. 2. There are a lot of electric toothbrushes on the market, the rate is irregular, there are hundreds of yuan as well as hundreds of yuan, exactly how to select? What's the distinction? What's so good concerning sonic toothbrush? A: as a matter of fact, I believe that the majority of people have such troubles, really extremely easy, the wool is on lamb's body, particularly the digital toothbrushes electric, a cost points a goods, is pricey nature is the truth, electric tooth brush, 100-300 yuan or so this rate is just fulfill the needs of the masses, and intend to have a better experience of cleaning your teeth, definitely will be a bit expensive. As a matter of fact, the main distinction between electric toothbrushes at different costs is the body structure and also workmanship, practical mode, smart experience as well as cleansing impact. 1) fuselage appearance work: fuselage structure job is basically to determine the cost, as well as the toothbrushes electric expense, the cost is fairly high some should do even more penalty, feel much better. The small cost will not research way too much in the workmanship as well as hand appearance, however more to cater to even more people's consumption level with the special price, and sonic electric toothbrush will not pursue the delicate feeling way too much. 2) feature model Now one hundred yuan or even more inexpensive electric tooth brush or extremely few patterns, or a lot of design, in order to highlight the "caring" style choice, is to let the consumer can choose appropriate for their own, however would certainly you clean your teeth every day will be extremely complicated, sonic electric toothbrush require change for a long period of time to choose the behaviors, the proper setting of equipment; Hundreds of kids electric toothbrush and even countless yuan electrical toothbrush, via the intelligent chip to streamline the complicated, one switch to open the smart cleaning, one-time experience the effect of numerous modes, achieve the integration of several effects, it will be more convenient to use and conserve time;

1. There are several modes of electric toothbrush, and which modes are corresponding to them

In my opinion, when normal people use electric toothbrush manufacturer, three modes and more than three modes can meet their personal needs. Three are the minimum requirements.Each person can adapt to only one of them, but the electric toothbrush manufacturer is not always in a constant state.You need to adjust the mode when you feel uncomfortable occasionally, or when you need to vigorously clean your mouth.

2. Vibration frequency

The electric toothbrush manufacturer vibration frequency should be at least 30,000 times /min, and the faster the better.Here do not worry because the vibration frequency is too high and the mouth can not stand, vibration frequency represents the cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush.And the electric toothbrush manufacturer itself will have the adjustment of the mode, there will be no unacceptable situation.It can only be said that the higher the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush, the higher the upper limit it can bring.

3. The bristles

The national standard grinding round rate of 60%, grinding round rate, the higher the brush, the softer, the lower the gum damage.But many brands do not explain to the outside, such as a big electric toothbrush does not publicly brush round rate is how much.When buying an electric toothbrush, we must find customer service to understand clearly whether it has reached 60%?

When you use an electric toothbrush manufacturer, don't use it too hard. When you change the brush head every 3 months, compared with the traditional toothbrush, the sonic toothbrush bulk does have many advantages.The reciprocating vibration of the brush head, rotation (high-grade also supplemented by acoustic vibration) and other forms of movement, can make up for a lot of people are not correct way of brushing.But the use of sonic toothbrush manufacturer is not equal to "once and for all", but also need to correct brushing methods, in order to really prevent the occurrence of oral diseases.When using an electric toothbrush, attention should be paid to the following aspects: first, try to use a small brush head, so that it can go deep into the mouth to clean the back teeth;Second, because of the forced rotation and vibration of the sonic toothbrush bulk, its force is far greater than the ordinary toothbrush.Therefore, brush your teeth to reduce the strength of 60% than the use of ordinary toothbrush, in order to avoid excessive force on the teeth and gums caused damage;Third, ensure at least 2 minutes of brushing time, and let each row of teeth inside, outside and occlusal surface are effectively clean, especially the lower tongue surface, using sonic toothbrush manufacturer the most difficult to clean and easy to be omitted, we must consciously clean to;Fourth, every 3 months to replace the new brush head.Brush head after a period of use, the bristles will become rough, easy to damage the gums.One experiment sonic toothbrush factory showed that a new brush head removed 30% more plaque than a brush head that had been used for three months.Finally, we should remind everyone that when choosing electric toothbrush bulk for the elderly, children or people with disabilities, it is best to choose an integrated brush head and brush handle design to avoid accidentally swalping the brush head.

Electric toothbrush is divided into rotary and acoustic type, which are essentially a vibration type. At present, the market thinks that the acoustic type is better, while the rotary type is cleaner, but it may cause greater wear and tear on teeth.

Of course, the greater friction of the rotation, also means that the cleaning ability is stronger.To control force and prevent damage when you brush, advanced sonic toothbrush factory are also equipped with pressure sensors to prevent you from pushing too hard.

Of course, the greater friction of the rotation, also means that the cleaning ability is stronger.To control force and prevent damage when you brush, advanced electric toothbrush wholesale are also equipped with pressure sensors to prevent you from pushing too hard.Another thing to look out for with an electric toothbrush is the bristles.When I was using ordinary toothbrushes, I noticed a phenomenon that in supermarkets, all the low-price rows with complimentary ordinary toothbrushes have bristles of the former type, but the latter does not appear:

The scientific name electric toothbrush wholesale is grinding round rate, is the top of the brush head single wire to remove acute Angle, burr processing, so that the top becomes smooth.Think about poking your congested gums with two different levels of sharp burrs. Which electric toothbrush wholesale is more likely to bleed?The requirements of oral hygiene appliances: adult electric toothbrush bulk brush hair grinding round rate shall not be less than 50%.It is said that grinding round rate open a set of mold cost is tens of thousands of dollars, really do not think that the general brand sonic toothbrush wholesale will give you to spend this money, with the owner of the so-called conscience price "I say number", they are engaged in charity do not make money?

This is actually a gift selection strategy. sonic toothbrush vendor is my favorite gift as an oral surgeon. After all, electric toothbrush agency greatly changes the quality of life compared to manual brushing. It is also practical, and can be used twice a day in the morning and evening.Clothes and jewelry will always be idle, but electric toothbrush agency will never be.Once, I thought: buy sonic toothbrush wholesale also use choice?So many manufacturers are producing electric toothbrush, this is not long eyes will be met?

When you start to use an electric toothbrush, you may not adapt to it. You may feel the brain is buzzing, especially with toothpaste. Don't take the sonic toothbrush agency out of your mouth.Since it's acoustic, the sound will be very soft, not like a rotary with a big speaker, listen to the volume of my roommate's rotary sonic toothbrush vendor, two seconds of surprise.

When you use the sonic toothbrush agency, you will find that the mouth is much better than before, and it is refreshed.Before think who brush your teeth also not out of the point of blood ah, now bleeding frequency is really less many.For someone with orthodontics like me, sometimes a chive might get stuck in your teeth, and this electric toothbrush dealer will vibrate it out, and sometimes your tongue knows where it is but your hands don't, and that's a really sour feeling.

With the continuous mention of living standards, dental health has been paid more and more attention.In the electric toothbrush vendor has not yet penetrated into ordinary families, regular oral care is not too popular at the moment, brushing teeth, is the first choice of daily dental health care.Compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush has become the choice of more and more people because of its unique advantages.So, how to use the electric toothbrush dealercorrectly, so that the electric toothbrush vendor really play its effectiveness, to achieve more efficient than the ordinary toothbrush care effect?Here, we show you the correct way to use an electric toothbrush.

There are several points to pay special attention to when using electric toothbrush: 1. The internal, external and occlusal surfaces of the teeth are taken into account in order to achieve the effect of removing dental plaque;2, electric toothbrush vibration frequency and strength is relatively fixed, use can not be too heavy pressure, wear teeth;3. For children under 10 years old, try to choose sonic toothbrush supplier with soft bristles, small brush head and small power.4. The appropriate use time is 2 minutes. If it is too long, it is easy to damage the gingival tissue, and if it is too short, it is difficult to brush all the teeth clean.5. The brush head of the sonic toothbrush dealer is removable, and the brush head should be avoided to become loose or pop out, causing injury to the mouth and throat.

And some thousand yuan electrical toothbrush can additionally remember your cleaning practices, boot immediately back to your previous hands-on modification setting sonic toothbrush dealer, even more time, fear and also initiative. 3) Smart thousand yuan electric tooth brush normally has far better protection electric toothbrush trader effect on gum tissues and teeth, and also high intelligence can assist create appropriate cleaning routines. The less expensive an electrical tooth brush is, the less smart it is, because its price means less research study is required. One of the most common high-end intelligence of thousands of yuan sonic toothbrush trader out there is pressure picking up, and then there may be a function to tape-record the cleaning time. But also for a thousand-yuan electrical toothbrush, there is even more space to invest in research and development costs in intelligent technology than a hundred-yuan sonic toothbrush trader or perhaps more affordable sonic toothbrush supplier, and the outcomes are normally much more. Most of the thousand-yuan electric toothbrush company can tape-record numerous types of cleaning information with the APP, and also the advanced thousand-yuan electric toothbrush supplier  Application can evaluate the videotaped cleaning data and supply data records to aid you evaluate where you ought to deal with next time, which electric toothbrush company is past the experience of the hundred-yuan toothbrush. Thousand-yuan electric tooth brush monitoring frequency will certainly likewise be relatively high, real-time tracking fast reaction, higher end can also enhance the type of keeping track of electric toothbrush company strength and even automatic stress decrease. 4) Cleaning up effect Hundreds of yuan electrical tooth brush cleansing impact is typically far better than 100 yuan. Because although likewise are electric tooth brush, mostly by resonance rubbing sonic toothbrush company brush tidy, yet also the vibration regularity, the greater the price of the electrical toothbrush on vibration frequency of training demand greater: tend to pursue steady outcome of the motor as well as comfy experience, avoid as well strong quake "sonic toothbrush company" even the teeth gums; It will certainly additionally avoid the resonance frequency as well low causing an unclean sonic toothbrush company . And it's difficult to do every one of them. In addition, the cleaning impact of countless yuan can additionally be used in front of the smart technology, to monitor the cleansing area, remind the blind location, to avoid the leak of teeth, to make sure that to a particular extent electric toothbrush supplier can also achieve far better cleansing result. 100 yuan electric toothbrush naturally is also difficult to accomplish. Consequently, based upon the above content, we can choose electrical tooth brush according to our very own budget plan as well as requirements.


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