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Do you think it's necessary to buy an electric toothbrush?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-08      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush vibrates evenly and steadily, providing necessary cleaning power to every tooth. Of course, there are many advantages of electric toothbrush, such as pressure sensing, too much force will not hurt teeth, as well as precise time control, time saving, labor saving, convenient and fast! Many even said they fell in love with the electric toothbrush. Disadvantages: Mainly the infestations of damaged teeth products, the most typical is the shock frequency is too fast, very damaged teeth, which is mainly European and American brands, for the overall good oral health status of European and American people, for high strength cleaning force tolerance is higher. And for Asians, it's easy to hurt teeth! So in the choice of electric toothbrush, relatively speaking, high quality Chinese goods are more suitable for Chinese people to use! One of the most typical is electric toothbrush. As a former supplier of dental data and technical solutions, it is the first brand in the field of non-damaging teeth. With high intensity vibration frequency, it can reduce 80% of the damage of brushing! They created a high span vibration frequency 26000-37200 times per minute range, while developing a variety of brush head for all kinds of people without tooth injury, chronic tooth injury is not easy to be found for a long time has also made a special optimization, innovation of a number of non-injury tooth technology, at the same time never do advertising focused research and development, is the professional electric toothbrush brand recommended by many oral division!

While blindly believing in celebrity endorsements, we should also avoid going to the other extreme, that is, excessively pursuing "cost performance" and choosing some low-priced but inferior electric toothbrush brands, which have no quality at all. Not only can the experience of brushing be not guaranteed, but also can stimulate gums, damage tooth enamel and other dental problems. Although electric toothbrushes do cause problems, most dentists support them. As long as the selection of quality of excellent workmanship of the brand, and cleaning power online, and protect the tooth index is high, brushing comfortable good. Electric toothbrush is one of the few brands with excellent cleaning power and ultra-high comfort. As a former oral technology solution provider, it is a head electric toothbrush brand specializing in gum and tooth protection in China, which can reduce the damage of brushing by 80%, and has been recommended by many dentists. It has also made special optimization for chronic teeth injury that is not easily detected. In addition to the research and development of a number of non-damaging electric toothbrush technology, such as verified vibration frequency technology, intelligent engine tuning algorithm, pressure overload shock absorption process, 94.3% ultra-high grinding rate of non-damaging black technology, the maximum reduction of electric toothbrush injury rate!

In order to cater to users' blind pursuit of cleaning power (many people think that the stronger the better), some businesses start to advertise the high-speed vibration frequency of electric toothbrush. Too high vibration frequency will not only cause poor brushing experience, but also cause the risk of tooth injury.

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