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Does electric toothbrush hurt your teeth?

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Does electric toothbrush hurt your teeth? Concerns about the damage to teeth and gums caused by electric toothbrushes have also been proven to be unnecessary: regulated use of electric toothbrushes does no harm to the teeth or soft tissues, does less damage to the gums than manual brushing, and cleans better.

As long as you brush your teeth correctly, you won't harm your gums. There are two ways to move an electric toothbrush, one by rotating and one by vibrating. The current clinical recommendation is to vibrate, which vibrates within a certain frequency range, to loosen the soft scale on the tooth surface and then wash it down.

If the method is not correct, the same will not play the normal role of the toothbrush. In addition to using an electric toothbrush, it is recommended that you use an interstice-cleaning device such as a tooth punch, dental floss, or interstice-cleaning brush. Because the electric teeth may not be able to clean up the soft scale and residue on the adjacent surface of the teeth, it is necessary to add these products for cleaning the tooth space.

From which aspects to choose electric toothbrush? At present, the popular charging methods are mainly USB charging and induction charging. Battery life, generally speaking, the longer the better, but also can not be in order to store a large battery, the brush handle is too large, or need to consider the use of comfort. And battery life also tests the durability of electric toothbrushes.

Induction charging, more convenient, with the discharge with the impact, charging equipment large volume. USB charging, convenient storage, regular charging. You can choose according to your own needs.

The frequency of vibration per minute generally reaches 31,000 times per minute can achieve a good cleaning effect through vibration, insufficient vibration is difficult to play the role of cleaning, too high long-term use of vibration will wear teeth. Of course, the general sonic toothbrush is equipped with several gear frequency, gear setting is also a certain skill, need to be reasonable allocation according to the different conditions and use habits of teeth, so when you buy to see its gear setting.

Good quality brush durable and better natural experience, it is recommended to use DuPont bristles brush head, this bristles wear resistant and more antibacterial, resilience is good, not easy to blow; Suitable for small brush head, clean the inside and back teeth more convenient.

In addition to the quality of the brush head, the quantity of the brush head sent for the first time and the cost of the subsequent purchase of the brush head should be a very important factor affecting the purchase of everyone, but still do not ignore the quality of the brush head in order to save money, and generally consider the cost performance, generally speaking, it is three months to change the brush head.

Electric dental brush head to consider its roundness, if the choice of inferior bristles or motor technology is not easy to cause tooth damage. Slight may cause irregular tooth bleeding, gingival gradually sensitive; Severe cases may lead to gingival line movement, enamel damage, periodontitis, etc., these are irreversible problems.

In the end, if you have gum problems, you should seek medical help. The main function of an electric toothbrush is to clean. Pay attention to the regular change of brush head, adhere to the correct and effective way of brushing.

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