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Does water Flosser have any side effects?What are the precautions for use?

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As much as I love water Flosser, I can't live without it.First of all, water Flosser brings about cognitive misunderstandings.Water Flosser is a water flosser device that can replace a toothbrush. Water flosser is a water flosser device that can replace a toothbrush with water flosser.Therefore, after acquiring a water Flosser, I suddenly felt unprecedented liberation in brushing my teeth.After "too convenient" ~ "too time saving" ~, I started not brushing my teeth.

However, it is undeniable that "gold is not perfect, no man is perfect".Everything has both good and bad sides, it depends on how we look at it. However, the water flodder is between the teeth, the toothbrush is the surface of the teeth.Obviously is mutually complementary relation, partial to the whole equivalent relation.In the long run, it's hard not to rot.Once a tooth rots, you have to go to the dentist, get a filling, and then you lose all your money.Water flosser: Remove food particles, tartar and some dental plaque from between teeth.Suitable for everyday use.Dental cleaning: it is a whole oral cleaning, to remove pigment, dental plaque, dental calculus.Once every six months to once a year.So, they're not equal.

With water Flosser, your oral hygiene may be better, and your cleaning cycle may be longer.However, it does not mean that you do not need to wash your teeth ~ even if you are afraid of cleaning your teeth, you should wash them.The next thing I know, I used bad water Flosser, which hurt my gums.At present, the brand of Water Flosser is a mixture of fish and dragon. Many merchants even do not have their own technology and processing plants, and directly find a factory to complete the processing.Although well-known brands also use OEM factories, they usually have their own set of technologies and a safe choice of factories.Therefore, when we buy water Flosser, we should remember to buy water flosser from regular channels, such as self-owned stores and flagship stores.Then try to choose some well-known brands, well-known enterprises to produce products.

Because the inferior water Flosser technology can not be guaranteed, it may hurt our teeth and periodontal tissues and cause gingival atrophy, which is irreversible once gingival atrophy.Moreover, water Flosser is an electrical appliance, and its safety features should not be ignored.Finally, using water flosser incorrectly can lead to disaster for teeth and gums.For details, see "Precautions" below.

Water Flosser should not be used immediately after a subgingival cureage.This is because there is a risk that the periodontal pocket will burst open and the gums will bleed.Water flosser should also be suspended under special circumstances, such as severe periodontitis, severe inflamed gums, oral surgery, or wounds in the mouth.

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