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Does water flosser have side effect?What are the precautions when using water flosser?

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With proper water flosser, there are no side effects.Dentist Gerland Mayr and hydraulic engineer John Martley jointly invented the first water flosser in Fort Collins, Colo., in 1962.In 2005, the 50th clinical study and more than 2,000 clinical cases were completed, demonstrating the effectiveness of hydrofloss;In 2017, it was certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) as effective and safe for reducing bleeding gums and improving gingivitis.

So why does the gum bleed the first time you use water flosser?The bleeding of the gums during the first use of water flosser is not a sign that the water pressure is too great to damage the gums, but that the gums are inflamed.Although brushing with a toothbrush can remove most of the food and bacteria between the gums and teeth, traditional brushing methods do not take care of the areas under the gums that connect to the teeth and the small Spaces between the teeth.Bacteria absorb nutrients from food residues, which in turn cause gums to become inflamed, red, and prone to bleeding when exposed to external stimuli. This is why bleeding occurs when water flosser is used to clean inflamed gums.How to use water flosser properly

Water flosser for the first time?After reading the second to understand the video tutorial!Don't look in the mirror, don't look in the mirror, don't look in the mirror, don't look in the mirror, say important things three times!Otherwise,water flosser is really easy to paste water in your face!Portable water flosser using tutorial.

Some friends of the tooth position is relatively back, in these positions to use floss, all tired hand acid;Some friends complained that every time they flossed, the correct posture was difficult to control, and the improper manipulation was easy to cut the gums and bleed.In addition to the use of laborious, the method is not easy to master, some orthodontic patients, because the teeth "string" with a wire, want water flosser but no way.Some people with large gaps, such as those with periodontitis, floss is less efficient.Water flosser has none of these concerns, it's easy to operate, and it's more efficient to clean.Compared to flossing, water flossing is easy to use and doesn't strain your hands. A hydraulic pulse washes away dirt from every corner of your teeth, even from under the gums, where water flosser can't.

The utility of a water flosser. A water flosser is also known as water flosser. Like a toothbrush or water flosser, water flosser is an essential tool in your daily oral cleaning and care.Toothbrush can take away large food residues and water floss can clean the teeth so as to clean the whole mouth. Water flosser can effectively slow down the formation of dental stones. After I insist on using it, I go for regular check-ups every time, and the health condition of my teeth has been greatly improved.Water flosser can remove food debris and dental plaque in the teeth, the effect is much better than floss, and the cleaning is also more clean, very suitable for orthodontic friends, especially steel braces, is very necessary,water flosser can be very good to wash away the food debris on the braces.But just use it once a day. Using it too often wears down our saliva, making it less effective in protecting the mouth.

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