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Electric toothbrush for bad brushing habits of people have a lot of help

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Electric toothbrush for bad brushing habits of people have a lot of help, and how to choose a suitable electric toothbrush? First of all, what we need to know is that the electric toothbrush is essentially a tool, specifically a daily tooth tool. Since it is a tool, it must have its core attributes, that is, its core components, and these attributes largely determine its performance and quality. So what is the core component of an electric toothbrush?

The main thing is -- the motor and the bristles. The movement is the heart of the electric toothbrush, is the core power of the vibration of the electric toothbrush, without it, the electric toothbrush will not vibrate, its quality is not good, the electric toothbrush is like opening DISCO, the noise is big, or the cleaning strength is small.

But a lot of people said, we can't even see the motor. Then how to choose. Remember: the general cheap electric toothbrush movement is not good, such as a platform dozens of dollars of that kind.

Brush hair is a device that the teeth contact most closely. Its quality directly determines the comfort of brushing and the degree of damage to teeth. The concepts related to bristles are bristling rate and rounding rate. Flocking density is the amount of hair in each part of the bristles. Obviously, the more hair, the greater the contact area between the bristles and the teeth, and the better the cleaning effect will naturally be. This is visible to the naked eye.

Grinding rate is the bristles at the top of the treatment degree, whether there are larger edges and corners, burrs, etc. In terms of grinding round rate, the relevant provisions are - adult electric toothbrush bristles grinding round rate to be higher than 50% only qualified, and children's electric toothbrush grinding round rate is higher, need to reach more than 70%.

There are two types of toothbrushes on the market, the acoustic type and the rotary type. Rotating vibration is friction friction, on your teeth 360 degrees friction, EMM, it is the bristles and teeth directly contact the kind of, and the rotary bristles are relatively hard, how powerful this, you can imagine. Therefore, this kind of electric toothbrush is more suitable for those who are often dirty, such as people who often smoke and drink tea, as well as those who are not too sensitive and have healthy teeth. However, it is not recommended to use it for a long time, because it is too fierce, the tooth wear is relatively large, and the noise is also large.

The acoustic wave electric toothbrush is to use high frequency vibration to drive the water and toothpaste, produce bubbles, so as to clean the teeth, its biggest characteristic is soft, because the generation of bubbles, so the damage to the teeth will be less, but also easier to clean to the corners.

The minimum vibration frequency of acoustic electric toothbrush is 31,000 times /min, which is also a more appropriate vibration frequency. While ensuring high cleaning effect, it will not affect teeth due to high frequency vibration. Of course, in general, the higher the frequency of cleaning strength is higher, but not the higher the better, but also decided by the movement of the electric toothbrush. Some on the frequency is deliberately said very high, but the movement is very garbage, so the effect is not good at all. And high frequency, tooth wear will be greater, therefore, do not too pursuit of high frequency, generally under 38000 and dirty teeth, you can choose a little higher frequency.

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