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Electric toothbrush has entered thousands of households year by year

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Electric toothbrush has entered thousands of households year by year, and every owner who has used electric toothbrush will say goodbye to manual toothbrush completely. From the current foreign penetration rate, domestic penetration rate to calculate, the vast majority of the future family will use electric toothbrush.

General vibration electric toothbrush principle is very simple, and mobile phone vibration principle, through the built-in a hollow cup motor with eccentric weight (is the motor output shaft is eccentric, using the imbalance caused by vibration) drive the toothbrush, then brush head followed, power is replaceable batteries commonly, feel bad, effect is the same as a regular toothbrush.

The sonic toothbrush uses the principle of high frequency vibration of magnetic levitation motor to break the toothpaste into tiny foams. At the same time, running water is generated to impact every gap of the teeth, achieving the effect of cleaning the teeth. This vibration principle does not produce mechanical friction inside the motor, the stability is strong, the output power is large, the frequency of sound wave can reach 37,000 times/minute, because the maglev motor friction is very small, even at very high speeds, the noise is also within the acceptable range.

The rotary vibrating toothbrush uses the high-speed physical rotation of the brush head to remove the stains indicated by the teeth. All surfaces can be effectively cleaned, and the cleaning effect is good around the teeth.

Buy an electric toothbrush to see brush above all clean comfortable, should choose the bristles are soft, can go deep into the cracks of the teeth, effectively clean the dirt in the corner, often smoking teeth yellow can choose the soft toothbrush, but do not recommend the use of hard brush, like the disposable toothbrush of the hotel, not only will brush bleeding, but also damage tooth enamel.

Multiple modes of electric toothbrush is better than a single mode of toothbrush, because everyone's teeth are different, in fact, the effect varies from person to person, the use of sensitive and soft teeth sensitive mode, want to whiten the students with white polishing mode, the cleaning intensity of each mode is not the same, according to individual needs to choose.

The durability of the electric toothbrush you buy depends on the battery life inside the toothbrush. Charge a long battery life of electric toothbrush is longer, generally USB charging interface of electric toothbrush battery life is longer, and the battery life of induction charging is generally about ten days to a month.

It is possible to use an electric toothbrush to clean teeth during orthodontics, but the mechanical electric toothbrush is not recommended and the sonic electric toothbrush should be kept in low gear. If you are a retrograde orthotic, then it is recommended that you use an acoustic electric toothbrush and keep the acoustic amplitude low, because the mechanical electric toothbrush or the acoustic electric toothbrush with high amplitude may cause the bracket to fall off when cleaning the teeth. If you have a retrograde invisible correction and need to remove the appliance when cleaning your mouth, you can choose any electric toothbrush to clean your mouth.

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