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Electric toothbrush is not IQ tax

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-15      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush is not IQ tax, but blind purchase needs to go up tax! Why isn't an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?Because the electric toothbrush can meet the needs of people for oral health care, it is the product of technological progress. Electric toothbrushes have many advantages over traditional toothbrushes:

1. high efficiency of brushing teeth. With manual brushing, time is difficult to control, sometimes brush less than 1 minute in a daze. Brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and it will take you two minutes to clean your teeth. Moreover, the electric toothbrush can be set in advance, so the time of brushing can be controlled.

2. Strong cleaning ability. Traditional toothbrush is not enough to clean the root and gap of the teeth, and a slight carelessly will cause gum damage. Electric toothbrushes use high frequency vibration, easier to operate than ordinary toothbrushes, cleaning power is stronger.

3. Feel comfortable. The electric toothbrush is engineered to fit the human mouth. In the process of use, it can not only clean the teeth, but also play a certain massage effect, so that daily brushing has become a kind of enjoyment.

4. Small damage to the oral cavity. Traditional brushing is less force intensive, and some people prefer to use brute force in order to clean their teeth. This will not only increase the wear and tear on the teeth, but also easy to cause problems such as bleeding gums. Electric toothbrushes can avoid this problem by simply letting the bristles fit the teeth and vibrate on their own.

Given the many benefits of an electric toothbrush, how should we choose? Mainly see the following aspects:

1. the price. Electric toothbrushes cost tens of thousands of yuan, while cheaper ones cost more than ten yuan. Although the high price is not necessarily good, but the selling price of cabbage is definitely bad. You should not listen to people on the live broadcast platform, such electric toothbrush, buy regret.

2. Brand. With the improvement of people's health awareness, electric toothbrush is more and more recognized by consumers, and the market demand is huge. Driven by interests, many electric toothbrush enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. If you buy, buy well-known brands, those electric toothbrushes produced by off-brand manufacturers, there are great safety risks.

3. Brush head. The head of the brush should not be too large. A small head should be able to clean the hygienic dead corners inside the teeth. The soft and hard degree of the bristles should be moderate, too hard to harm the teeth, too soft to effectively clean. At the same time, the quality of the brush to pass, to scientific layout.

4. Motivation. According to the different modes of movement, it can be divided into rotary vibration electric toothbrush and acoustic vibration electric toothbrush. Rotating vibration electric toothbrush friction is too strong, although the cleaning power is enough, but it is easy to hurt the gums, and the acoustic wave vibration electric toothbrush is less damage to the teeth, cleaning power is weak compared with the acoustic wave vibration.

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