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Electric toothbrush is not only an electric enhanced version of the manual toothbrush, but also a brand new experience

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Electric toothbrush is not only an electric enhanced version of the manual toothbrush, but also a brand new experience

The cleaning effect of the two groups of electric toothbrushes with different brush heads is the same, but the cleaning effect of the two groups of electric toothbrushes is better than that of the manual toothbrush; Smooth and scratch-free. The enamel surface of group A with nylon wire brush head (hard bristles) has more pits and relatively deep pit depth; while the enamel surface of group B with nano soft brush head (soft bristles) has concave  The number and depth of the pits are much better than those of Group A.

It shows that soft bristles wear less tooth enamel than hard bristles. This experiment shows that the cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes is significantly better than manual toothbrushes.

Studies have shown that only no more than 30% of adults can use the "Pap Brush Method" to brush their teeth for more than 1 week, and even fewer.

For most people, no matter how they emphasize the importance of time, they will only choose to spend 1 minute.  Therefore, in order to protect the oral cavity of all mankind and treat the "lazy cancer" of all mankind at the same time, the electric toothbrush was born.  

At present, there are two main types of mainstream electric toothbrushes: Rotational vibration type electric toothbrushes: the brush head rotates clockwise and counterclockwise repeatedly at a high speed, named after; Sonic type electric toothbrushes: It does not use sound waves to clean, but its movement frequency (more than 260 times per second) is human.

 It is named after the ear can be heard. In fact, from the perspective of the working principle, the working mode of an electric toothbrush is beyond the reach of a manual toothbrush anyway. The rotary vibration electric toothbrushes type is like automatic car washing, which is equivalent to quickly brushing around the teeth in all directions; while the sonic type electric toothbrushes , although the usage is similar to manual, its brushing amplitude and frequency are much larger than manual.

However, it can also be clearly seen that the enamel grinders of the electric toothbrush group are obviously worn, that is to say, improper use of electric toothbrushes will also cause wear and tear on the teeth.  

Therefore, electric toothbrushes not only have the advantages of cleaning and high efficiency, but also have the disadvantage of causing extra wear on teeth under improper use.

Finally, note that an electric toothbrush can only be used as an electric toothbrush. Don't change it into something strange just because it is small, powerful, easy to hold, and can be turned quickly.It can be seen that the electric toothbrush is not only better in cleaning efficiency, his scientific swing and vibration design is more beneficial to the cleaning of dental plaque, because dental plaque is a more stubborn thing than ordinary dirt.

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