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Electric toothbrush put long what problem can appear?How to maintain daily?

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Electric toothbrushes have become more and more popular than regular toothbrushes because of their better cleaning ability and longer service life.But most items put for a long time will appear problems, electric toothbrush put for a long time, there may be mildew, battery loss and other problems.But with good daily care, electric toothbrushes can solve most of their problems.So how to solve the problem of moldy electric toothbrush and battery loss?How should electric toothbrush daily maintenance?Let's take a look.

First, what will happen if the electric toothbrush is put for a long time?1, electric toothbrush used for a long time, often in the wet toilet or washbasin next to the shell will inevitably grow mildew.Daily use of clean water is difficult to clean.2, if the electric toothbrush is rechargeable lithium battery, put for a long time (generally more than six months) may cause excessive discharge of lithium battery and loss of power, affecting the life of the battery.When not in use, the electric toothbrush control board also has tens of microampere current, and the lithium battery exists self-discharge phenomenon, the voltage drops to 2.7V below for a long time, it will affect the battery life, and even leakage damage.Two, electric toothbrush moldy how to do?1. Dilute bleach or 84 disinfectant into the pot to soak the brush handle, do not need too much, can cover one side of the plaque as the standard, soak for a period of time, remember to turn over and then soak, take out after drying can be basically eliminated.2. Spray the bleach on the paper towel and wrap it around the moldy black spots. After a few hours, the black spots will disappear.3, electric toothbrush charging problem 1, nickel cadmium battery 1) to avoid too long charging battery overcharging will heat, but lead to reduced power.2) to avoid a short time to electric toothbrush charging several times after charging and charging again, will make the battery voltage plummet.3) To avoid the "memory effect" caused by the incomplete charging of the battery, which cannot fully release the electric energy.2, lithium battery, can be charged immediately.But don't overdo it, just in case.General use of lithium battery electric toothbrush, full battery cycle will be in 8-10 hours.So if you find yourself running low on battery during use, plug it in before you go to bed and get up the next day just in time to use your electric toothbrush.

Four, electric toothbrush daily maintenance?1. Wipe the handle dry.After using an electric toothbrush to brush the teeth, it is generally direct with water to wash the brush head, and then dry the water. It is best to dry the water with a dry towel on the handle of the electric toothbrush.2, one-time full battery.In order to avoid cleanliness being affected, it is best to charge in time when the low power is reminded.In the process of charging, do not plug the electric toothbrush at will. It is best to fill it once, otherwise it will damage the life of the battery.3. Avoid sun exposure.Do not put the electric toothbrush in a high temperature or in the sun for a long time, so as to avoid the bristles due to high temperature deformation and bending.4. Regularly replace the electric toothbrush head.Whether it is a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, it takes 2-3 months to replace the toothbrush head. Because the bristles will become coarse, weathered and bacteria will cling to the bristles after long use, changing the head of the electric toothbrush can reduce the growth of bacteria.In short, as an electric toothbrush, the daily maintenance of electric toothbrush is really necessary. Instead of waiting for problems to be solved, it is better to let the problems do not appear.Finally, I hope this article will be helpful to people who use electric toothbrushes.

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