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Electric toothbrush rotating brush head or acoustic brush head better?

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The working principle of rotating brush head of electric toothbrushis rotating friction, and its shape is generally round, and its size can just cover a tooth. It can rub and clean teeth one by one, and its cleaning ability is very strong. This electric toothbrush actually exceeds the load of ordinary teeth, and the normal cleaning needs are also unnecessary.

The working principle of acoustic brush head of electric toothbrush is to vibrate the bristles with high frequency through the motor, so that the toothpaste and water molecules can reach a certain pressure to generate dynamic liquid cleaning force, and clean all gaps of teeth in a more gentle way and with very good cleaning force.

Individuals are advised to choose a sonic brush electric toothbrush, although clean sound waves to brush your teeth slightly weaker than rotary toothbrush, but is enough for our daily cleaning completely, sonic brush electric toothbrush itself is the manual hundreds of vibration frequency, at the same time, the noise of the sonic brush head is small, more comfort, clean teeth injury rate will be lower.

Can electric toothbrush purify tooth stone? Dental calculus is a very hard substance formed by long-term calcification of dental plaque. The hardness of dental calculus is difficult to completely remove whether it is electric toothbrush, dental flusher or dental floss. It is necessary to go to the dental hospital on time to clean teeth with professional instruments, and electric toothbrush can only prevent dental calculus. So those who claim that electric toothbrushes remove dental stones... Please, it must be a tax on your intelligence.

Using manual toothbrush depends on your own will, and you can use whatever strength and Angle you want. Most of the time, there are many dead corners and gaps in the mouth that cannot be cleaned, and the cleaning of teeth is very uneven. However, the specific strength and swing of electric toothbrush can evenly clean every place of teeth. Electric toothbrushes also remove about 38 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes, according to science.

Electric toothbrushes save time and effort. You just flip the switch and put it in your mouth instead of constantly moving it left and right like a manual toothbrush. And electric toothbrushes basically have several cleaning modes, you can choose cleaning intensity according to their teeth. The electric toothbrush also comes with a two-minute cleaning or 30-second side change reminder to regulate how long we brush our teeth each day. When most people brush their teeth with manual toothbrushes, they do not use the correct pap brushing method, but habitually use the wrong pull type horizontal brush method, which will cause wear on teeth, while the cleaning force of electric toothbrushes is more uniform, reducing the rate of cleaning damage.

As long as electronic products will have both advantages and disadvantages, especially the contemporary electric toothbrush caused a variety of irreversible tooth injury events more and more, but what we need to do is not excessive panic but rational treatment, only we carefully analyze what will cause tooth injury can be considered in advance when buying attention to avoid.

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