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Electric toothbrushes are necessary.

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-05      Origin: Site

Conclusion: Electric toothbrushes are necessary.The reason is simple: According to the consensus of the World Health Organization and national dental associations, manual toothbrushes should be brushed for at least five minutes using the Pap method.Regardless of how many people can do the Pap method, I would bet that 10 packets of instant noodles are less than 5% of those who can brush their teeth for five minutes on a typical day.An electric toothbrush takes two minutes to clean properly and is cleaner than a manual toothbrush.

I don't think so. Maybe an electric toothbrush isn't very good value for money. If you're using an electric toothbrush because you want to whiten your teeth, then I think it's an IQ tax.I think the most valuable thing about an electric toothbrush is that it saves effort.Brushing your own teeth is really very tired, especially the pursuit of brush for three minutes, keep the hand has been up and down the state of brushing is difficult, a careless may brush horizontally.Brushing your teeth sideways hurts your teeth. I know a man who brushes his teeth sideways and uses a lot of force, which leads to bad teeth.An electric toothbrush is recommended for deep cleaning of tooth crevices and plaque. It lasts a long time on a single charge and is suitable for lazy people.And, the electric toothbrush cleaning force is stronger than manual brushing, the strength is also very uniform, very safe and effective.

The use of electric toothbrush has been more than three months, the teeth really visible to the naked eye white up!When I used the electric toothbrush at that time, I had quit smoking for three months. Although the smoke stains on my teeth did not deepen, they did not decrease, which made me very upset.Because each bunch of electric toothbrush bristles will be more close to the surface of the teeth, the super brush can better clean the teeth, so every time after brushing the teeth, the teeth have a wonderful feeling, just like the one after each cleaning, the teeth feel very clean and comfortable, with the use of the tooth flushes, there may even be tooth stones fall off.

According to my friend himself, he used other electric toothbrushes a long time ago. If he brushed the back teeth, the brush head would vibrate all over. It would be very uncomfortable to touch the teeth and the rapid vibration would knock the whole head buzzing.But my electric toothbrush, not only does not have that uncomfortable feeling, but it can also clean the teeth!Moreover, the appearance level of this electric toothbrush is very excellent, the texture in the hand is very good, the frosted feel is waterproof, very high-end atmosphere, the noise is very small after opening, when idling, you can see it vibrates very fast!

Two electric toothbrushes have been perfect for half an hour before bed, because they are both acoustic rotating double power, soft and efficient without knocking teeth.We both brush our phones while brushing our teeth with electric toothbrushes before going to bed every day, which can completely clean our teeth without affecting our precious entertainment time.If you have the same needs, remember to buy it.

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