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Electric toothbrushes are no substitute for cleaning and regular check-ups!

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Regular dental cleanings and checkups are needed to protect oral health. I'm afraid the overwhelming promotion makes everyone feel that using an electric toothbrush can save this one. In the eyes of the dentist, cleaning teeth not only has a cosmetic effect on teeth, but also the most basic method of prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. Some people want to buy electric toothbrushes because they want to reduce oral problems and save themselves the trouble of cleaning their teeth and having regular checkups. Some people escape because they hear that cleaning teeth is bad. Netizen 1: I heard my friend said not to go to the teeth cleaning, it is very harmful to the teeth, she said after cleaning teeth often acid teeth. Net friend 3: is not calculate at ordinary times tooth have no what problem, also want to wash a tooth? Listen to others to say that wash tooth is bad to tooth, of course what I say is hear of, hope you can answer me especially, after all at ordinary times the tooth did not appear a problem, also want to wash tooth?

Healthy teeth will not bleed during the process of brushing with an electric toothbrush, nor will they widen the gap between the teeth and loosen the teeth. These problems are not the fault of dental cleaning, but the teeth have problems, but were covered by calculus to block the stimulation of the outside world. For example, gingivitis causes bleeding when teeth are brushed or cleaned. Tooth stones cause swelling of the gums and fill the gap between the teeth. Once the calculus is removed with an electric toothbrush, the gap between the teeth will become obvious. Periodontal disease patients because of periodontal fiber destruction, alveolar bone absorption, in fact, there is early tooth loosening, but there is no obvious feeling of "support" calculus, when the calculus is washed away, feel loose tooth.

Healthy tooth, also be to want to wash tooth regularly, check calculate electric toothbrush to brush seriously again good, also hard to avoid stay dead Angle. A tooth looks brushed clean, but when checking, you can still find dental plaque and soft dirt, and then go down is dental calculus. You don't have to clean your teeth when you have a toothache or a bad tooth. Healthy teeth need to be cleaned regularly. We use our teeth every day, and plaque and tartar build up over time. The study found that plaque began to re-form three hours after brushing with an electric toothbrush, and new stones formed 10 days later. The deposition rate of odontolith is mainly affected by the oral environment. There is no problem with using an electric toothbrush at ordinary times. You can wash your teeth once a year. If you have periodontal disease, you may need dental flossing several times a year. In principle, it is found that calculus needs dental cleaning, and it is recommended to regular hospitals for dental cleaning.

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