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Electric toothbrushes have a higher trial and error cost than regular toothbrushes.

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Electric toothbrushes have a higher trial and error cost than regular toothbrushes.

 Do you think I can just buy an electric toothbrush and be all right? No.Now the electric toothbrush is generally in a few hundred dollars, but not necessarily each type is suitable for you, bad luck may also buy a drill home, put into the mouth chisel your bones numb, teeth not clean, jaw dislocation first, which increases their invisible trial and error costs.So remember to compare the following before you buy an electric toothbrush.

1, choose a good acoustic vibration type of electric toothbrush acoustic vibration toothbrush is driven by the high-speed vibration of the motor of the entire brush head high-speed vibration, inferior electric toothbrush only has the motor, the experience is very poor, the brush head is easy to touch the teeth, causing tooth pain and discomfort.A good electric toothbrush will focus on resolving these uncomfortable feelings by making the brush vibrate without moving the head, ensuring it is soft and efficient without cracking the teeth.Evaluation of a electric toothbrush will shake the teeth, is to see the feel, toothbrush in the hand shake is not obvious, it means that the treatment is good.2, look at the noise, whether it is not living in the dormitory, we do not like loud like a drill, different electric toothbrush decibel difference in more than 15dB, generally we live in the city decibel is 50, this is the daytime home only your own home decibel size, so electric toothbrush at about 55 decibel is good.3, bristles, different hardness of bristles is designed for different groups of people, tooth sensitive need to use soft bristles, tooth health can choose a little harder bristles.The following are some brands and feelings I tried when I bought an electric toothbrush for my sister. Since her teeth had a bit of enamel damage, I didn't consider the rotary toothbrush. All the electric toothbrushes were vibratory.

Traditional toothbrush, clean effect how presumably everyone also knows, after all, brush your teeth every day, smile to the mirror to know the effect.And electric toothbrush, indeed in this aspect of cleaning effect is done better.Experimental data show that electric toothbrush is better than manual toothbrush cleaning effect, can remove 38% more plaque.For ordinary tea or coffee caused by dental stains, it also has a very good cleaning effect.For the whitening of teeth, electric toothbrush is also very good. Today's electric toothbrush will basically have the whitening effect.

Whether children or adults, there are some people don't like to brush your teeth, for them, using electric toothbrush, represents the can need not the manual brush back and forth, also need not to clean teeth in place, brush your teeth to changing posture, needless to say, will brush 3 minutes enough, this for our arms, is not friendly.Electric toothbrush is different, vibration frequency is fast, will automatically turn in circles, as long as the brush enough 2 minutes can be.And does anyone think it's fun to vibrate an electric toothbrush in your mouth?

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