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Features of electric toothbrush:

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Features of electric toothbrush

1. The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is much higher than that of manual brushing

Many electric toothbrushes on the market use adjectives such as "sound wave" and "ultrasonic wave" to make people think that they rely on the power of sound wave or ultrasonic wave to clean teeth. In fact, they do not use sound wave to brush teeth, but the bristles similar to the vibration frequency of sound wave to clean teeth.So how much is the vibration frequency of the general acoustic electric toothbrush?Electric toothbrushes on the market vibrate between 20,000 and 40,000 times per minute. Most electric toothbrushes focus on 30,000 to 35,000 times per minute.While most of us brush our teeth with our hands at 3-6 times a second, that's 180-360 times a minute, which means that electric toothbrushes vibrate 100 to 200 times faster than human hands.

2. Electric toothbrush has stronger cleaning efficiency than manual toothbrush. The cleaning efficiency of manual brushing is closely related to the way and time of brushing, while horizontal brushing is inefficient and easy to damage teeth.The Pap brushing method is efficient, but it is also difficult to brush and not easy to master.The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is much higher than manual brush speed, so it is far more efficient than manual toothbrush in cleaning.The high-frequency vibrations of an electric toothbrush can help quickly clean the plaque on your teeth, simply by holding it in the right place.There are two categories of electric toothbrushes, one is the round head brush head, mainly rotating and swinging clean;The other type is the common bristle shape, which is mainly reciprocating vibration to clean.Many people make a "chua chua chua chua" sound while brushing their teeth, which can sometimes be mistaken for brushing their shoes -- all because many people have an obsession with cleaning their electric toothbrushes: the harder they brush, the cleaner they get.In fact, with the wrong seesaw method, the harder you brush your teeth, the more wear and tear you cause.Electric toothbrushes provide a good answer to this problem.First of all, the vibration of electric toothbrush replaces manual brushing, and the vibration of its motor is uniform and soft and safe.Many electric toothbrushes also have pressure alarm function. If the pressure is too high, it will make a sound to remind you that the pressure is too high or reduce the vibration frequency, or even stop the vibration directly to remind you not to use too much pressure.A lot of people worry about whether electric toothbrushes increase tooth wear, but they don't.The grinding rate required by the industrial production of electric toothbrushes and the durable, uniform and mild vibration frequency jointly determine that it will not cause excessive wear on the teeth, what's more, the high frequency vibration of electric toothbrushes can reduce the brushing time while ensuring the cleaning efficiency.By contrast, the most wear is caused by eating food every day, and the chewing force of grinding food, which is negligible.I hope you find a more suitable electric toothbrush after reading my article.

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