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For electric toothbrushes, read this article

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I will mainly divide the following topics to make a specific introduction to the electric toothbrush, I hope to have a certain reference and inspiration for you after reading.This paper introduces the differences of several brands of low, medium and high grade toothbrushes suitable for customers and the suggestions of purchasing

Electric toothbrush is nothing magical, in the final analysis it is a toothbrush, so the ugly word said in the front - all hope to rely on electric toothbrush to remove very stubborn dental plaque, completely solve the problem of dental caries, make teeth white bright ideas are playing rogue!

The principle of the electric toothbrush is also very simple. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement, the brush head generates high frequency vibration, which instantly dissolves the toothpaste into fine foam and cleaves the teeth deeply. At the same time, the vibration of the brush hair can promote the blood circulation in the oral cavity and has a massage effect on the gingival tissue.

Then again, if it's just electric toothbrush, why is it worth paying N times the price of a regular toothbrush?Actually on the principle of 'part has been reflected, rely on the high-speed rotation of the rotor, electric toothbrush can simply and effectively remove adhere to the teeth surface of teeth, do have teeth clean, the whitening effect, it is worth mentioning that brushing their teeth brushing your teeth is the most correct way pap method, the operation difficulty, you can baiduThe only feeling you have after watching it is that you can't brush your teeth...The electric toothbrush eliminates this worry by pressing the electric toothbrush against your teeth and moving it from side to side to act like a Pap brush, which proves the wisdom that the history of technology is a history of human degradation by becoming lazy.

I strongly recommend everyone to buy an electric toothbrush. It is an item that can never be used again, which can improve the daily happiness. If the economy is not so tight, it is highly recommended to buy and use it.

First of all, we have to understand that electric toothbrush is mainly divided into two categories: mechanical: also known as rotary electric toothbrush, directly friction with the teeth, high cleanliness, but the teeth will inevitably wear, suitable for a healthy mouth, acoustic electric toothbrush:The frequency of the brush head is as high as the frequency of sound wave. Through vibration, water can be used to remove tartar and plaque. It has less wear on teeth and is gentler, but its cleaning ability is not as good as that of mechanical electric toothbrush.After knowing this basic classification, we can evaluate these electric toothbrushes according to their appearance, degree of tooth damage, grip feel, rotational speed, additional functions, price and price of brush head.

Do electric toothbrushes cause receding gums?However, manual brushing may be more serious because of the strong power. Many people are worried that the high speed rotating and vibrating brush head will damage the tooth flesh, especially some people with gingivitis and periodontitis. They do have the phenomenon of bleeding gums by brushing, and even observed the phenomenon of gingival recessionary.Naturally, people worry that using an electric toothbrush will recede their gums.

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