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Frequently Asked Questions Using Water Flosser.

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1. Why do I use a Water Flosser?


Brushing only removes a portion of the surface of the teeth, and a large portion of the gap and gingivitis is not cleaned thoroughly. These empty Spaces are a major cause of dental problems such as cavities and gingivitis. The optimal pulsed water flow of 1200 times per minute produced by the Water Flosser can not only clean food debris from the surface of the teeth, but also clean food debris between the teeth and the gingival crevicular, preventing oral diseases.


2. Proper use of the Water Flosser.


(1) Insert the nozzle into the installation hole and complete the installation after hearing the "click" sound. Install the tank, open the lid of the tank, add the appropriate amount of water to the tank, and then close the lid, you can use.


(2) in use process, standing on the stage that wash gargle, body bent forward, adjusting the gear switch, holding the dental unit and the nozzle in the mouth, vertical alignment, teeth or gums nozzle with gum to keep a distance of 0.2 0.4 mm, slightly open mouth at the same time, the cleaning after oral irrigator can flow smoothly. Rinse for 1-2 minutes each time. It is recommended that you do it no more than twice a day.


(3) After cleaning, press the release button of the sprinkler head, pull out the sprinkler head upward at the same time, and put the idle sprinkler head into the storage box of the sprinkler head, and control the remaining water in the dry water tank


3. What should I do when I use gingiva bleeding?


The first time to use Water Flosser or gingival sensitive small friends, because the gum is not used to this cleaning method in a short time, there may be slight itching or bleeding phenomenon. It is recommended to use the lowest mode for the first time and stick to it for 1-2 weeks. If it is more than two weeks, it may indicate that there may be inflammation of the gums and other problems. We must pay attention to it and go to the oral hospital for oral examination.


4. Can I remove dental stones with Water Flosser?


The use of Water Flosser is to effectively clean teeth and effectively prevent dental diseases such as calculus and periodontitis. If there are dental stones, you need to go to the hospital for professional dental cleaning.


5. Do you still need to brush your teeth if you use a Water Flosser?


Of course need to! The Water Flosser can maintain the hygienical and clean surface of the teeth, and the toothbrush can clean the gums, crevices, cavities and other hidden parts outside the surface. Therefore, the two are not substitutes, but complementary.

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